How is my baby 16 months old?

Charlotte is officially a toddler. All hints of baby seem to have disappeared. She’s even stopped drinking milk from a bottle as of the past week or so. My baby is a big girl. 


  • Walking Update: The tiny one is officially a real walker / runner. She still looks like a drunk when walking, but she’s pretty consistently on her feet… or standing up after stumbling to her butt. Her speed has definitely increased as well. The girl is everywhere at all moments, with her hands in and on everything. Can I just say right now that I’m grateful for the late walking.    
  • This past week has brought a LOT of chatter. She is nonstop talking (primarily nonsensically) about everything. In fact, on Saturday, Mark gave C the phone when I called and we literally had a 10 minute conversation. I would ask her question and she’d holler some crazy gibberish back at me. I was shocked at how long it (and she) carried on. Not going to lie, it was a highlight. So sweet.  
  • I’m trying to think of new tricks or updates… I don’t know. She’s such a sponge. She is constantly doing new things…
    • She loves to give Toby treats
    • She opens the trash cabinet and throws away garbage on her own and on command
    • She can help clean up (wipe the counters or her high chair tray)
    • We’ve been making progress with drinking out of a regular cup
    • She signs “thank you”
    • She does the hand motions for “Patty Cake” and “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”
    • She’s the toughest child I’ve ever seen. She literally rarely cries from pain and she’s so accident prone (aka she’s a toddler). The other morning she was whining during breakfast. She was drinking her veggie shake with one hand, but on and off whining. Then, Mark held the cup for her and she was fine. Finally, he said, “okay, Charlie… just hold the cup with two hands” when he noticed that her tiny finger was pinched in her high chair, which was why she was doing everything one-handed (and whining). TOUGH GIRL!  (her poor face after falling into the kitchen cabinet handle – she cried for less than a minute)
    • She can blow bubbles in the pool!  
    • She tells us when she poops.
    • She officially stopped using a bottle! Oy. That was a tough one for a night or so, but she seems to have adjusted.
  • Her schedule hasn’t changed much; although with preschool starting on Thursday, I’m anticipating a change:
    • Between 7-8: Wake Up
    • 10/10:30: 1 hour nap
    • 1130/12: Lunch
    •  1/2: Nap
    • 5:30/6: Dinner
    • 7/8: Bedtime
  • Favorite Foods: Quiche, Berries (always berries), Oranges, Grapes, “Egg Bread” which is essentially my quick version of french toast, veggie shakes, cottage cheese & yogurt (usually mixing one of these two foods with other foods is enough to convince C to eat whatever she originally rejected), dip… the girl LOVES to dip. Yes, one night she essentially ate ketchup for dinner.  
  • Favorite toys: She’s on a “Teddy” Kick, her piano… oh does she love the piano, my keys, she still loves the sugar bowl, any calculator she can get her hands on  
  • Size: She is still wearing Size 4 Huggies Little Movers & Huggies Overnite Diapers and is pretty solidly in 18-month clothes
  • Shoe Size: 4

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