Diapering Our Toddler

One of Charlotte’s new skills is her understanding of pooping. It’s probably more exciting than it sounds.

When she is making or has just made a poop, we can say, “Charlie, did you make a poop?” And, when she is or has pooped, she will reply with a “yup” (usually in the form of a dramatic head nod) and confirm by pointing to her butt. (I find it impressive.)

The next question is always, “should we go change your diaper?”

Sometimes she says yes and walks to her room… Tonight, she literally ran away and hid under the table…  

I should clarify that even if she walks her little tush to her room to be changed, changing her is pretty much never easy unless she just woke up and is in a daze.

The girl hates the changing table. There are so many better things she could be doing. She will scream and twist and cry and attempt to escape. Most times, we can tame her by singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider 75 times or giving her a new random object to distract her… But let me just say, she is not the only one who dreads diaper changes.

Maybe it’s time to start thinking about potty training…

9 thoughts on “Diapering Our Toddler

  1. Yep. Exactly the same over here. I have been giving him my iPhone to play with. All the things I swore I’d never do as a mom. Then we go into survival mode. When I ask E if he needs his diaper changed he runs away laughing like its some game. And then once I catch him I get to change an angry baby alligator.

    • Hahaha right????? Toddler diaper changes are the worst. Charlotte will literally flip over and try to back off of the changing table. Essentially, she ends up hanging off the side of it by her tiny fingers. It’s so absurd. I have to take BIG deep breaths before each change just to keep my tiny shred of sanity.

  2. My sister used to hide under the table whenever she pooped as well. And my friends baby will walk away from all other people in the room and stand in a quiet corner to do his business. Kids are precious and weird all at the same time

  3. That’s so cute! We have been slowly introducing it to Nealia. We have a little potty chair and then one of those seats that attaches to the normal toilet, she prefers that for some reason. Some days she’s interested, some days not. I figure if she just gets comfortable and aquatinted it’ll make the transition easier. She’s an obvious pooper so we try to catch her mid poop, but by then, she’s over it. As for diaper changes we got rid of the changing table all together and do changes on the floor or standing up!! Helps with potty training and with my sanity! That changer was killing me too and I was just waiting for the day when she launched off of it haha!

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