Charlotte’s Newborn Pictures

I realized today that I never actually shared Charlotte’s newborn photos (or my baby shower pictures – those will come another day). SO, with our 3-month pictures coming up this weekend, it seems appropriate to share some of our favorites. All photos taken by the wonderful Nicole of Pics by Nic and many of the cute headbands and the two hats were made by the fabulous Lisa of Kiki & Bee.


Lang 1

Lang 6

Lang 7

Lang 8

Lang 9

Lang 10


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Lang 13

Lang 16

Lang 17

Lang 18

Lang 19

Lang 20

lang 21

lang 22

lang 26

lang 28

lang 30

lang 33

lang 34

lang 35

lang 38

lang 39

lang 40

lang 43

lang 44

lang 45

lang 46

lang 47



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