Wide Awake

All of you have heard me complain about how tired I’ve been lately… So why is it 3:45 am and I’m awake while everyone else is sound asleep? 

Little Henry has been sleeping since 8:45!! We haven’t had a 7-hour stretch since all this poop madness started at least a month ago. Hell, we rarely get anything over 3-4.

I’ve been up for an hour now, waiting for him to wake up. Finally about 5 minutes ago, I shined my cell phone in his direction and put my hand on his chest. He’s still breathing.

Oy. Haha So first time mom of me, right? 🙂

Yesterday (I guess it’s technically two days ago), Henry received his first probiotic. Since, all of his poops have been way more normal and now a long stretch of sleep… Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Too bad getting him to take a bottle (which is how we give him the probiotic) hasn’t proven to be easy. 

Wish us luck! And wish me luck in falling back to sleep before little man wakes up!

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