The Milk Monster Gives a Gift

So, after being chained to the couch all day with the milk monster (I’m talking literally 7 hours of nursing… I tracked it!), and barely getting anything done (I made dinner… And watched a TON of this teeny bopper show), the Milk Monster decided to be VERY nice and give back to her very desperate mommy.

Yes, I’m talking about the greatest gift for a (breastfeeding) new mommy: sleep! Charlotte went down super easily last night and literally slept 5.5 consecutive hours (and then another 4 after that)! I probably slept a little longer than that because for the first time, Mark actually got her down (aka, she didn’t require a boob to go to sleep; although I had just fed her a few minutes before her last changing).

This extended period of sleep was sooo needed, as the prior two nights were not so lovely. LOTS of nursing… Like, 2+ hours at a time nursing throughout the night. Not fun.

So, from the bottom of my heart and the tip of my sore nipples, thanks baby girl for throwing mama a bone. I’m not sure we would have survived another nurse marathon last night.

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