Sorry, Henry!

Remember that time I called Henry the worst sleeper EVER? Well, I’d like to retract that statement and apologize to my little, because guess who SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT last night?

Yup! You guessed it 🙂

My pumpkin Henry slept from 7:30pm until 7am! He woke up once around 4/430, but by the time Mark got a bottle ready, Henry was already sleeping again.

Henry must have known that I had hit my breaking point. I was literally ready to crawl under a rock and stay there for the next two years. 

Hopefully the trend continues!

As a side, little man is also napping like a champ. He’s turned his 30-40 minute naps into legit 1.5-3 hour naps! Such a good boy (and yes, seemingly a great sleeper all of a sudden).

Cheers to Henry pie!

From Colicky to Easiest Baby Ever

A week or two ago, after reading our sleep book (Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child), Mark concluded that Henry was likely colicky. I didn’t want to admit it, but I was questioning the same thing… because while he’s literally the happiest little dude ever (see photo below), he also does a decent amount of crying. Especially surrounding sleep times.

Fast forward to a few days ago, when Mark said, “If this sleep pattern continues, Henry might be the easiest baby ever…”

So, what happened in between those two comments?

A lot of napping. For Henry of course.

With Charlotte going back to school (after 3 weeks off), I’ve finally had a chance to focus on poor Henry. It’s not like he was awake nonstop while C was home, but his naps typically occurred when he was wildly overtired and just passed out (most commonly while in the car or out and about).

He takes a lot of quiet and bouncing and those are two things that are made quite difficult by a toddler.

Anyway, he’s back on the trusty old “awake for 1-2 hours, nap, awake for 1-2 hours, nap” schedule and has been doing really well. Especially these past two days (we’re back at work – farewell, maternity leave).

Today’s schedule:

730a Wake Up
930-1015 Nap
1030-1130 Nap (every other nap seems to need a little milk/bounce to get him back to sleep after an hour or so)
1258-158 Nap
220-233 Nap (mini)
413-5 Nap (I think he’s waking up?? But now he’s quiet again…)

Go Henry!

Even better, we’ve gone from waking every 2 hours at night to only waking twice per night (11/12ish and 4/5ish) for only 30-60 minutes each!

Thank god for a little improvement.


Happy 3 Month Birthday… For Real This Time!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was a little confused about how to calculate Charlotte’s age in months. Without much thought, I assumed it worked like pregnancy. 4 Weeks = 1 Month. Not the case. SO, seeing as how Charlotte was born on July 16th, today she is officially 3 months old!

With that said, happy 3 month (or 13 week) birthday, sweet princess!

The past three months have literally been so incredibly full of love, I can’t begin to explain it. I absolutely love watching this little person grow and change and laugh and love. She’s the sweetest little nugget ever.

Over the past week, she’s again making big changes. She officially LOVES the paci. This might not seem like a big deal, but it’s crazy to me. We have tried to get her to even like the paci just a little and it always ends with gagging, so to see her instantly accept and love on the paci is a miracle.

Wubanub PACI!!!

Wubanub PACI!!!

She’s still waking up 2 or 3 times per night to eat, which hubs and I switch off taking care of. He feeds her pumped milk from a bottle and I breastfeed her. She is warming up to the bottle, but still does not get as relaxed as she is on the breast.

I have been testing out “airplane” with her for the past week or two (aka I lift her in the air so she’s flying) and this week she is just starting to show signs of enjoying it. The day where she loves it is coming.

Other than that, she’s still loving her toys and getting so good at grabbing them. In fact, today she grabbed her wubanub (paci with a stuffed animal on it) and got it in her mouth twice! She was so proud. Unfortunately, with her pride came an excited swinging of her arms, which pulled the paci right out of her mouth.

Oh! And how can I forget… she LOVES shoving her fingers/hands in her mouth. She’s quite talented, no??

IMG_8964 IMG_8966 IMG_8974 IMG_8977

Mmmm... fingers!

Mmmm… fingers!

And now her 13 week pictures (from yesterday)…

Taking pictures is so booooring...

Taking pictures is so booooring…

Wait! HOW OLD AM I??

Wait! HOW OLD AM I??

That's crazy! I'm such a big girl!

That’s crazy! I’m such a big girl!

And cute as pie!

And cute as pie!

Back to Work

Today was my first day back to work. Yup, maternity leave is officially over. No offense to work and all, but I was totally stressing about today.

As some of you know, I work for my parents’ company and will be bringing Charlotte (and Toby the wonderpup) to work with me every day. Of course, this is SUCH an amazing thing. I cannot imagine having to leave my sweet baby girl each day and we can’t afford for me to keep hanging out in my pjs.

So, obviously, my transition back to work is MUCH easier than many. But, I have had so much anxiety about how it was going to work brining Charlie to work. Would she still nap? Will I be able to get things done? Will I be able to provide her with enough entertainment and stimulation without taking away from my job? Will I be able to get to work on time? Etc, etc.

Well, finally the day was here and I have to say, our morning sucked. Haha okay, in hind sight, it wasn’t that bad, but when Mark asked me how the day was going this morning at 11, my response was “terrible.”

Why? Well, I forgot Charlotte’s swaddle at home, which made napping a major struggle. Then, once I finally got her to sleep (about an hour past when she should have been sleeping), the cheap ass audio baby monitor my husband insisted we go with started screaming with feedback. Good morning, charlotte! Hope you enjoyed your 5 minute nap.

So, in total spaz mode, I left C with my mom and ran to target for a swaddle and a higher quality baby monitor. We went with the vtech and so far, it’s amazing. The sound quality is perfection.

Anyway, once my purchases were made, the day went very smoothly and I got a lot done. I could even go as far as to say I enjoyed my day back at work. It felt good to use that part of my brain again and to be productive outside of the house.

I think I’ll go back tomorrow.

It should also be mentioned that randomly the little one decided she likes pacifiers. What the heck? If you’ve ever seen her with a paci, you know that it’s the quickest way to make her gag and literally never the answer… Until today. She can’t get enough of it and takes it instantly. It’s probably because we’ve been giving her a bottle regularly.

Here’s the paci face in her work uniform (hooded sweatshirt and logo’d tee)… It’s only funny if you know my parents. This is what they wear… All the time! 🙂



Three Months… How could it be??

It seems so unbelievable that it’s already been three months since the first time I kissed my precious little girl. So much has changed since then.

Unfortunately one of those things is not her sleeping habits. While she is great at napping (kind of), she is still waking up twice a night. Last night she was up for 2 hours and ended up milk barfing all over me and the upholstered chair at 4 something in the morning. Thanks, Charlotte! Nothing beats cleaning up milky barf.

This week Charlotte has really discovered her toys. She loves them… And loved shoving them in her mouth (see photos)…





She is also one of the biggest fake criers I know… Take that with a grain of salt. I don’t really know any fake criers.

We’ve also been noticing that she’s not the biggest fan of strangers. She tends to cry when handed off… But usually will eventually settle.

Oh! She is also loving sitting up. She holds onto my thumbs and pulls herself up (with my help of course). It’s so cute!




Did I mention that she’s somehow become even cuter? I love this little monkey… Milk barfs, fake cries and all!