Beet Red Lips

Charlotte has clearly been taking style tips from Taylor Swift with that red pout…



Baby’s first lipstick in a perfect shade of beet red… Which also coincides with Charlotte’s first taste of beets & potatoes.

Beet & Potato Mash Recipe
1 lb red beets (this amounted to one decent sized beet for me)
1 russet potato

1) preheat oven to 375 deg F
2) wash beet then put beet in a baking dish (I used a glass dish) and add water so it comes up about a half inch
3) cover baking dish with tin foil
4) use a fork to pierce potato
5) put potato on baking sheet (I lined mine with tin foil because I’m lazy and it reduces clean up)
6) stick the baking sheet (potato) and the baking dish (beet) in the oven and bake for 50-60 minutes (I set my timer for 50 minutes, but was putting C down for a nap when the timer went off. I probably had it in there for 60 minutes. Potato was a bit dry, but it wasn’t a big deal.)
7) remove from oven once nice and tender. Let cool a bit.
8) peel the skin off of both the potato and beet
9) chop the potato and put it in the blender with enough liquid to get to desired consistency (I used coconut milk and water, but you can use breastmilk, too)
10) chop the beet and put it in the blender with enough liquid to get to desired consistency (I used reserved liquid from baking, but you can use water or breastmilk)
11) If you’re into “plating” your baby’s food all fancy-like, you can swirl the beet and potato. It looks awesome (according to the photo in my recipe book)… But who has time or energy for that? I just mixed the two together and voila!
12) freeze leftovers in cubes for up to 3 months

Ps: I wasn’t the biggest fan of the coconut milk in the potatoes. They got sticky. But, all in all, it was delicious. Remember, beets stain!

Baby Snacks

Our streak of good eating has continued. Charlotte is doing SO well! This past weekend, I made her red lentils and brown rice “soup” (it’s pretty thick) and I made lamb.

Before I share the recipes, I’ll preface by saying that I’ve been looking for food-based sources of iron for C to ensure she’s getting enough, as she has not been eating any sort of iron-enriched cereal.

I did a lot of research and decided I didn’t want to give her the iron drops and instead would make sure to incorporate a good amount of iron into her diet. With all of her crazy food/poop drama, she was tested at 6 months for anemia… The results came back totally normal, which leaves me with little concern.

Anyway, I haven’t been ready to introduce beef because of her many other allergies, so after the chicken success, I decided to give lamb a try. It’s another great iron source.

I’ve literally never cooked lamb in my life, but was ready for the challenge. Thankfully, hubs suggested cooking it in the slow cooker so it’d be nice and soft, which worked perfectly.

I didn’t have a recipe, but here’s what I did…

1 big container of low sodium organic vegetable broth
.5 sweet potato chopped
1 onion slices
1 stalk celery sliced
.5-.7 lbs free range lamb shoulder (bone-in)

I literally just tossed everything in the crock pot and cooked it on low for 5 hours. It was perfect.

I pulled out the meat, got rid of the bones, shredded the meat into small pieces and saved the meat and sweet potatoes in some gravy for C and used the broth and other veggies for soup For Mark and I.

The meat is great on its own – Charlie loves it – but it’s also been mixing perfectly with the red lentil and brown rice soup I made. I just mix the two together and she goes wild.

The soup recipe is from my baby and toddler cook book.

Here is the recipe… FYI, I added about 1/2 cup of water once done cooking and the froze it in tiny portions. As I’ve been reheating, I add a little more water or broth from the lamb. It’s tasty!



C has also been loving millet cinnamon raisin toast, apples (of course), sweet potato puffs, and just about anything and everything.

Guess who else has been living Charlotte’s new diet??


Solid Food Success

We have had our first streak of positive solid food experiences since we initially started. The streak has only been a couple of days, but Charlotte is doing so well.

Yesterday I let her try my wheat- and dairy-free, rice and millet cinnamon raisin toast. She LOVED it and ate almost an entire slice.

She’s also continued loving apples. Her favorite seems to be when we give her the core to chew on. And before you go crazy about the seeds, we leave about a half inch of Apple meat on all sides and watch her the entire time.

She also enjoys the cooked apples I made for her. All I did was cut the meat off of the apple core and steam it for a good 10 or 20 minutes until it was nice and tender. Then, I scooped the apple meat out of the skin. I saved some apple wedges and made applesauce with the rest.

For the applesauce, I just blended apples with some of the water I used to steam the apples. I’ve been putting the applesauce in a Squooshi (a refillable pouch). It’s working pretty well, although she usually will only eat about a tbsp to two from this.

This morning, Charlotte ate one steamed mini carrot, a quarter of an apple slice and half a piece of toast! Yay!

Not to mention the fact that she had a GREAT poop today! Yeah, I said it. I’m excited about her pastey textured poo that looked a normal color with no mucous or blood!

My mom brought us chicken from her homemade chicken soup today. Maybe we’ll give it a whirl!

Food is fun today.