Solid Food Success

We have had our first streak of positive solid food experiences since we initially started. The streak has only been a couple of days, but Charlotte is doing so well.

Yesterday I let her try my wheat- and dairy-free, rice and millet cinnamon raisin toast. She LOVED it and ate almost an entire slice.

She’s also continued loving apples. Her favorite seems to be when we give her the core to chew on. And before you go crazy about the seeds, we leave about a half inch of Apple meat on all sides and watch her the entire time.

She also enjoys the cooked apples I made for her. All I did was cut the meat off of the apple core and steam it for a good 10 or 20 minutes until it was nice and tender. Then, I scooped the apple meat out of the skin. I saved some apple wedges and made applesauce with the rest.

For the applesauce, I just blended apples with some of the water I used to steam the apples. I’ve been putting the applesauce in a Squooshi (a refillable pouch). It’s working pretty well, although she usually will only eat about a tbsp to two from this.

This morning, Charlotte ate one steamed mini carrot, a quarter of an apple slice and half a piece of toast! Yay!

Not to mention the fact that she had a GREAT poop today! Yeah, I said it. I’m excited about her pastey textured poo that looked a normal color with no mucous or blood!

My mom brought us chicken from her homemade chicken soup today. Maybe we’ll give it a whirl!

Food is fun today.








9 thoughts on “Solid Food Success

  1. Happy to hear she had a normal poop (I was actually wondering how that was going…yes- I have had thoughts of your daughter’s poop! LOL). I need to be more adventurous with Elliot and his food- I forget he really can try just about anything we eat!

    • I’ve still been on my strict diet, but what I’ve decided is that she for sure has a dairy allergy. The rest, I’m not so sure. I’m going to start playing around with it soon I think. And YES! Try new foods. It’s so fun 🙂 Charlotte got chicken today, which she seemed to really enjoy! I feel like she ends up eating more when I don’t just feed her one thing. The variety keeps her engaged longer.

      PS: Hope you’re doing well!

  2. Awesome! Annabelle LOVES chicken, so hopefully you’ll have success with that too. Plus it is a good source of protein and iron and you won’t need to worry about supplements 🙂 Her other favorite is salmon, though her pediatrician was surprised that she’s eating fish so early and wanted to make sure it was not TOO much (because of mercury).

  3. I love her eyes! 🙂 So beautiful!!
    I also love that you’re ahead of me when it comes to raising a baby, because I like reading about what I have to look forward to. Ha, ha!! 🙂 I’m SO glad I found your blog!!

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