My Momcomplishment


A momcomplishment is a thing, right? It’s like an accomplishment, but even more amazing because you’re a mom and that makes even the slightest tasks more difficult. So, enter, the momcomplishment.

This past weekend, I had a big one (in my world).

Back story… I am not a naturally athletic human. In fact, I still think about the time – in middle school – when I got made fun of for prancing and/or frolicking like a deer instead of running during my B-Team basketball game. Also, I can still feel the dread that would plague the week leading up to the day we’d have to run the mile in gym class. I was always one of the last to finish.

I’ve always been more of a sidelines kinda gal… but not in a cheerleader way, because I didn’t care about sports in any capacity… but in the “I’m here to socialize… is there a game going on?” kind of way.

Now fast forward to my current world. Since October of 2016, I’ve been working out pretty regularly with my neighbor friend. Mostly about 3 times a week, sometimes 4. We’ve done Cross Fit, 9Rounds and Orangetheory (my current obsession). What started out as a way to lose baby weight has transformed into a pretty solid lifestyle change. We now (since the beginning of December) work out at Orangetheory 5 mornings a week and most days just love it.

So, my momcomplishment… last weekend I successfully completed my first Dri-Tri at Orangetheory… a 2,000 meter row, 300 body weight exercises (think burpees, squats, push ups, etc), and a 5k run on the tread ALL in 47 minutes (and 44 seconds)! I wasn’t the fastest, I wasn’t the slowest, but I was extremely proud of myself.

Exercise has become an amazing way for me to start my days with focus, energy, and accomplishment and this was just the first of many personal achievements to come. When I’m sweating my ass off in the morning, I’m not a mom, I’m not a wife, I’m not an employee, I’m just me, working hard for me.

Final Weigh-In

As I’ve mentioned before, about 6 weeks ago, I very hesitantly joined a 6-week, ass-kicking challenge. It entailed (3) 1-hour crossfit workouts per week (18 total hours of crossfit) and a paleo diet (no dairy, no soy, no sugars, no processed anything, no gluten/wheat)… so pretty much meat and vegetables. Can you see why I was so hesitant?

I knew that for $250, if I signed up, I had to be seriously dedicated.

Well, today was my final weigh-in and I lost 8.4 lbs and a little over 10″ throughout different areas of my body (arms, thighs, etc).That puts me 2.6 lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight!

I feel absolutely great about the results and even more so, great about the habit that’s begun. My neighbor – who is in the challenge with me – and I have a great workout routine, which we plan to continue.

Working out has been a great outlet for me and something that’s helped me keep my head on straight during these crazy few months with our family of four.

Ya know how they say, “happy wife, happy life”?? Well, Mark must agree with that statement because he’s been incredible in facilitating my journey over the past 6 weeks. He has literally put both kiddos to bed alone three times per week, for 5 weeks now! Pretty great, huh? Thanks for your support, lovey.

Can’t wait to continue on this path and continue watching my body transform.

Solid Food Success

We have had our first streak of positive solid food experiences since we initially started. The streak has only been a couple of days, but Charlotte is doing so well.

Yesterday I let her try my wheat- and dairy-free, rice and millet cinnamon raisin toast. She LOVED it and ate almost an entire slice.

She’s also continued loving apples. Her favorite seems to be when we give her the core to chew on. And before you go crazy about the seeds, we leave about a half inch of Apple meat on all sides and watch her the entire time.

She also enjoys the cooked apples I made for her. All I did was cut the meat off of the apple core and steam it for a good 10 or 20 minutes until it was nice and tender. Then, I scooped the apple meat out of the skin. I saved some apple wedges and made applesauce with the rest.

For the applesauce, I just blended apples with some of the water I used to steam the apples. I’ve been putting the applesauce in a Squooshi (a refillable pouch). It’s working pretty well, although she usually will only eat about a tbsp to two from this.

This morning, Charlotte ate one steamed mini carrot, a quarter of an apple slice and half a piece of toast! Yay!

Not to mention the fact that she had a GREAT poop today! Yeah, I said it. I’m excited about her pastey textured poo that looked a normal color with no mucous or blood!

My mom brought us chicken from her homemade chicken soup today. Maybe we’ll give it a whirl!

Food is fun today.








It’s Been One Week Since I’ve Had Sweet Potato or Zucchini

After a solid month of eating NOTHING but turkey, sweet potato, zucchini, squash, pear, avocado (added in after 2 weeks), olive oil, salt, pepper, and rosemary (added in after 2 weeks), I am FINALLY eating real food again. I’m still unable to eat wheat, eggs, dairy (ugh… it’s been over 2 months since I’ve sunk my teeth into a delicious piece of cheese), nuts, or soy. BUT, let me tell you, I really don’t even mind those exclusions at this point.

I’ll get back to the whole food thing in a minute, but the REAL news here is that we went to the pediatric GI doctor and while he believes Charlotte has a protein allergy, he is not too concerned with it (despite her green poops and the random blood streaks we’ve seen). In fact, he said that green poops are a total non-issue. He said that the benefit of me eating a more well-rounded diet far outweighs the benefits of the total elimination diet. So, that’s good news!

Since I’ve welcomed all of the brightly colored, delicious fruits and veggies back into my life (in addition to rice/corn/other non-banned food items), Charlotte’s poo seems to be looking pretty good still. We have had a couple of random poops that look like they could have blood, but other than that, the color seems good and Charlotte seems great.

The doc also gave us the okay to start solids. In fact, he said that she looked more than ready! And right he was.

As for my diet, I’ve been enjoying healthy food like crazy these days. Mark has been on this 21-day detox, so our meals work pretty well together. He can’t have salt or sugar or oil… or a lot of things, but generally speaking, my meals are pretty adjustable to fit his diet.

I’ve been using this cookbook from Real Simple and I absolutely love it (thanks, Kate!). The recipes are simple with clean ingredients, and the food is flavorful and tasty. So far, I’ve cooked Asian Beef & Cabbage Salad (I substituted ground turkey for the beef and used 2 TBPS of olive oil instead of 4 TBSP of canola, I also added a little more rice vinegar) and Salmon Tostadas (I cooked the salmon in 3/4 TBSP of coconut oil, instead of serving the beans/corn/lime separately, I combined all of them and added tomatoes and cayenne pepper to make a salsa… it was awesome). I’m planning to tackle the chicken curry this week, too!

Since the start of my elimination diet, I’ve lost 7 lbs… so, I was able to keep my baby boo safe and drop those pesky last pregnancy pounds! And now, with my current diet, I feel like I’ll easily be able to maintain my weight loss and even better, I feel really great. Energetic, not bogged down by a full and uncomfortable stomach, just good all around.

It’s All About Juicing

So, while I was away at a bachelorette party this weekend, my husband watched “Food, Inc” and “Fat Sick & Nearly Dead.” The outcome was me coming home to a man ready to go on a juice cleanse. After a bit of an argument on Monday night, we have compromised and are now incorporating 1-3 vegetable smoothies into our normal menu plan.

We have talked about buying a juicer quite a few times, but haven’t done the research yet, and thus, are sticking to vegetable smoothies at this point. I’ve heard that smoothies are better because they maintain the nutrients and fiber, while some of that is lost once juiced. We’ll see how it goes.

Benefits of Vegetable Smoothies (note: these are for smoothies with lots of leafy greens – ie kale and spinach):

  1. Prevents heart disease
  2. Boosts your immune system
  3. Prevents diabetes
  4. Lowers the risk of depression
  5. Spinach increases the feeling of satiety; feeling full sooner decreases the chance of overeating
  6. The body can absorb more calcium from kale than milk
  7. Can help balance healthy hormone levels
  8. Improves triglycerides
  9. Decreases risk of cancer
  10. Provides energy
  11. Maximizes your vegetable intake
  12. Increases fiber intake, which promotes healthy digestion, prevents blood sugar spikes after eating and helps lower your blood cholesterol
  13. They help prevent kidney stones
  14. They soothe acid indigestion because they are naturally alkaline
  15. Some greens have a circulation-boosting effect that makes you feel sexier and gives you an attractive glow

So, what does our meal plan look like? Here’s a sample from the first few days…


Dinner: Very small portion of wheat pasta with a vegetable-rich pasta sauce and turkey meatballs (leftover from a couple weeks ago – I had frozen the extra) – for the sauce, I lightly sauteed 2 zucchinis, 1 squash, 1 head of broccoli, and a package of organic mini tomatoes. Then, I cut up the meatballs and sauteed for about 1-3 minutes more and then added some random organic marinara sauce I picked up from the grocery store. I put a small portion of pasta (1/2-2/3 cup) in a bowl and covered it with the vegetable/meatball sauce. Mmm! We had leftovers, which I threw in a freezer bag and into the freezer.


Breakfast: Carrot, Beet, Kale, Avocado & Pineapple Smoothie (RECIPE: 4 handfuls of mini carrots, 1 small beet peeled and sliced for easy blending, 3-4 handfuls of kale, 1 avocado, 1/2 a mini can of pineapple juice – Throw it in a blender, then pour into cups or mason jars and voila! Note: This made approximately (4) 16 oz. servings)

Carrot, Beet, Kale, Avocado & Pineapple Smoothie.

Carrot, Beet, Kale, Avocado & Pineapple Smoothie.

Mid-Morning SnackBlueberry Maple Refrigerator Oatmeal

Lunch: 1/2 Whole Wheat Pita Pocket with light mayo, 1 slice of the “thin sliced” packaged pepper jack cheese, a slice of tomato, spinach and raw mixed stir fry vegetables (I buy a package of fresh stir fry vegetables from the grocery store as a little convenience. Saves a ton of time not having to slice a million vegetables. The mixture includes carrot, red onion, pea pods, broccoli, and bell peppers.)

Snacks (with lunch and throughout the day): Clementine, 1-2 cups popcorn (I can’t remember the brand… maybe Boom Chicka Pop), bag of mini carrots, Blueberry Greek Yogurt

Dinner: 1/2 Carrot, Beet, Kale, Avocado & Pineapple Smoothie, Slow Cooker Tofu & Chickpea Curry over small portion of leftover wheat pasta


Breakfast: The Glowing Green Smoothie (I adjusted the recipe a bit: in addition to the greens, I also added about 2-3 cups of chopped kale, a splash of canned pineapple juice, some extra water and probably 2 TBSPs of Kefir for some extra probiotics. Note: This made approximately (4) 16 oz servings)

Glowing Green Smoothie... Mmmm!

Glowing Green Smoothie… Mmmm!

Mid-Morning SnackBlueberry Maple Refrigerator Oatmeal

Lunch: The Glowing Green Smoothie, 1/2 Whole Wheat Pita Pocket with light mayo, 1 slice of the “thin sliced” packaged pepper jack cheese, a slice of tomato, spinach and raw mixed stir fry vegetables

Snacks (with lunch and throughout the day): Clementine, 1-2 cups popcorn (I can’t remember the brand… maybe Boom Chicka Pop), bag of mini carrots, Blueberry Greek Yogurt

Dinner: Having dinner with Pop & Milly (Mark’s gramps and momma)

A few things to note… it helps if the smoothie is cold, the smoothie is WAY more enjoyable with a straw, a little fruit goes a long way, if it’s too thick – just add more water, the smoothies can keep for 24 hours or more!


My lower back is definitely in need of the chiropractor. I am feeling achy and uncomfortable. As always, my face looks worse than it ever did in high school. Literally, every time I look in the mirror, there is a new zit. I’m starting to get used to it, but it obviously does not make me very happy. Ahh also, for the past 4 or 5 days, I’ve noticed that my hands are feeling quite swollen when I wake up. I wonder if this could be tied to me not getting enough sleep or slacking on my workouts last week. Who knows? Either way, I’m hopeful that between my vegetable goodness, my revived work-out schedule this week, and some extra sleep, the swelling will subside. But then again, maybe it won’t.

Besides these very minor things, I’m feeling pretty good. My moods seem to be very easily influenced, which makes me an extremely happy, upset, angry, excited, jolly, crabby, etc version of myself in a very short amount of time. Let that be a warning 🙂

Also, I’m getting excited for this weekend. Friday marks 20 Weeks… our halfway point!! Mark has a work conference on Friday, so he won’t be home until later, but we’re going to celebrate on Saturday. I’m sure he’ll plan something nice and relaxing and fun for us.

Recipe Update From Last Week

Today’s blog is a little update on all of the recipes I made last week and my progress. I can’t lie. I did a LOT of cheating last week. The lack of sugar in my meal plan left me craving pretty hard. And, who can say no to a pregnant woman? Especially a said pregnant woman herself.

Meal Updates

Whole Wheat Spaghetti & Turkey Meatballs – I used lean ground turkey instead of beef, but otherwise followed this recipe… and they were SO delicious! Mmm. I used Muir Glen Organic Tomato and Roasted Garlic Sauce. The sauce wasn’t my favorite, but it was pretty good!




Blueberry Maple Refrigerator Oatmeal – I’m not going to lie, this looked a little funny and I was a little skeptical, but it was SO delicious. I really enjoyed it. I ended up only using 1/2 the milk the recipe called for and replaced the remaining half with Low Fat Kefir.


The funny looking, yet delicious, blueberry oatmeal stuff!

The funny looking, yet delicious, blueberry oatmeal stuff!


Meatball Pita Sandwich (Using leftover meatballs and sauce from Monday’s dinner, all in a wholewheat pita!) – We didn’t have a ton of leftover sauce, so I found this a little dry. I’m sure I could have done something to make it better (ie: more sauce, etc. Next time…)


Slow Cooker Chicken Korma, Brown Rice (We are headed to Mark’s Grandpa’s for dinner, so I’ll bring this easy, make-ahead meal) – Both Pop and Mark really enjoyed this. It had a bit of a kick to it, so beware, but we all enjoyed. Very easy to make and tasty. 



Quinoa Edamame Salad – This was SO delicious.  It tasted fresh and just delicious. And, the best part is that it was super simple to put together. This was one of my favorite meals of the week.


Slow Cooker Tofu & Chickpea Curry, Brown Rice – This was my favorite recipe. I used tofu, but I think it would be great with chicken! Mmm. I might even make this again this week. Delish!


Kale Chips (with very little salt) – I messed these up. They were delicious right out of the oven, but I stupidly put them in a tupperware overnight when they were a little warm still. Needless to say, they were soggy and chewy the next day. Yuck.


Make-Ahead Strawberry Banana Oatmeal Smoothie – This recipe was good, but I’m just not a smoothie kind of gal. I like to eat my breakfast. I probably won’t make this one again.


Tempeh, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich – My grocery store didn’t have tempeh, so we ate leftovers instead. I’ll make this eventually!


I think that’s about all I have for updates!



I did not sleep well last night and have been pretty tired lately. But other than that, just enjoying feeling my sweet baby move around. And, feeling pretty impatient… I just can’t wait to find out the sex!!


Healthy Diet for a Healthy Baby

I heard this NPR story about the benefits of probiotics for infants, specifically related to colic. I then read about 10 other articles, which expanded on other benefits. Think improved digestion, fewer diaper blow outs, prevention of allergies and eczema, reduced symptoms of colic… and the list goes on! Of course, I was immediately intrigued and got to thinking (especially after a VERY indulgent weekend), how else can I improve my baby’s well-being NOW… before he or she enters the world. So I did some more research on the best “pregnancy diet,” and honestly, most of what I found was stuff I’ve already read. I think because the word “diet” is used to refer to a meal plan designed to help you lose weight, which is not okay during pregnancy, there isn’t much info to be found.

Regardless, I was inspired me to make this week’s menu plan for my husband and I completely absent of simple carbohydrates and sugars. It’s a “Real Food” kind of week, that will hopefully lead to a “Real Food” kind of month!

So, what does this look like? Here’s the menu plan…



Dinner: Whole Wheat Spaghetti & Turkey Meatballs (I plan to swap the ground beef for ground turkey, but will otherwise follow the recipe)

*Tonight I will make dinner, tomorrow and Wednesday’s breakfast, and prep tomorrow’s dinner.



Breakfast: Blueberry Maple Refrigerator Oatmeal (This is a recipe my husband found… Sounds delish!)

Lunch: Meatball Pita Sandwich (Using leftover meatballs and sauce from Monday’s dinner, all in a wholewheat pita!)

Dinner: Slow Cooker Chicken Korma, Brown Rice (We are headed to Mark’s Grandpa’s for dinner, so I’ll bring this easy, make-ahead meal)

Snacks: Mini carrots and tomatoes, an orange, and an apple

*I will throw lunch together on Tuesday morning and will prep Wednesday’s dinner and part of Wednesday’s lunch on Tuesday night.



Breakfast: Blueberry Maple Refrigerator Oatmeal

Lunch: Quinoa Edamame Salad

Dinner: Slow Cooker Tofu & Chickpea Curry, Brown Rice

Snacks: Kale Chips (with very little salt), Carrots, an Orange

*I’ll finish making lunch and will throw everything in the crock for dinner in the morning. In the evening, I’ll prep tomorrow and Friday’s breakfast smoothie.



Breakfast: Make-Ahead Strawberry Banana Oatmeal Smoothie

Lunch: Both Mark and I have lunch meetings.

Dinner: Leftover Slow Cooker Tofu & Chickpea Curry, Brown Rice

Snacks: Apple

*Tonight I’ll marinate the tempeh and do some other prep-work for lunch tomorrow.



Breakfast: Make-Ahead Strawberry Banana Oatmeal Smoothie

Lunch: Tempeh, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich

Dinner: TBD (either leftovers or the hubs and I will go on a little date)

Snacks: Kale Chips, Mini Carrots, an Orange


Sounds like a flavorful week, right? Well, I’ll let you know how the recipes turn out, if I’m able to stick to my meal plan and how I feel at the end of the week. Also, getting back to the probiotics, I’m planning to get live-culture yogurt, which will go in many of the recipes and also look into Kefir, a yogurt-like drink, as a milk-substitute. Tempeh is also a probiotic source! Baby steps, right?



I’ve been fighting this annoying cold of sorts, but that’s hardly a pregnancy symptom. Although, that in combo with the pregnancy, has left me pretty dang tired this past week. I went to bed at 8:30 pm last night.

Also, I’ve been feeling a little more sensitive to food lately. Here’s what I’m not really feeling these days: mushrooms (this has been since the beginning of the pregnancy), chicken breast (for the last week or two, I find myself getting very grossed out biting into a piece of chicken breast. It’s only bite-sized, saucy pieces for now.), eggs (I know I should be eating them, as they’re a great source of protein, but unless on an egg sandwich, I’ve just not been loving them… at all)… hmm! This might be all.

I’m also getting pretty darn excited to find out the sex of our little baby. I feel like most people I ask think it’s going to be a girl (my Milly, my nieces, my sister, my grandpa, a couple colleagues, etc)… but, my mom and dad still think it’s going to be a boy. Time will tell! Either way, I’m VERY excited to see our sweet nugget on the ultrasound screen.