The Final Day of Infancy


To my sweet little bunny girl,

Tomorrow is your final day as an infant, as Thursday marks your 1 year old birthday! Over the past 12 months, I have fallen deeper in love with you than you will ever truly know. I have been the luckiest mommy in the world to have been able to spend almost every single day of your short little life with you. While bringing you to work has had its challenges, it was above all, the most incredible gift. I have had the privilege of witnessing every milestone and moment. From the first time you rolled over or crawled to your first time standing on your own to your first kiss. I have watched as you discovered likes and dislikes, everything.

I am so incredibly fulfilled by this amazing year with you. You are the funniest, happiest, most lovely little being I’ve ever known. Your little smile (and your big smile) bring me instant flutters. You literally light me up with your joy, curiousity and playfulness.

We have a bond, you and me. Our humor seems to have many similarities, which keeps us giggling constantly.

When you randomly smooch my face or give me a tight squeeze of a hug, I melt away. You’re just such a blessing and I’m so incredibly thankful for you.

So, let’s make tomorrow – your last day as my tiny little infant – just as magical as the days before… and remember, come Thursday, we start a new chapter. A new page in our little story. And come Thursday, I will love my tiny little toddler just as much as I do my tiny little infant.

Happy almost birthday, bunzo.



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