One Week…


My baby turns one full year old in a week from tomorrow. How in the heck is that possible? A big part of me feels like she’s always been a part of me… it’s impossible to think of how it felt when she didn’t exist, when I didn’t love her in the biggest way imaginable. Yet still, when I examine the fact that it has been an entire year, that my baby is a toddler, my head spins in disbelief.


I feel this internal struggle… part of me is sad because this year has literally flown by, but in the same breath, I’m so happy because my tiny little munchkin has turned into such an incredible, funny, spunky, loving, chipper, badass little bunny. This age is hilarious and amazing.

But seriously… where did this past year go?


Charlotte’s birthday is next Thursday. It’s a work day, so her actual special little day won’t be anything too grand, but I’ve been trying to think of things to do to make it a little more fun for her. She loves balloons, so I was thinking maybe I’d decorate her high chair with balloons… make her pancakes with fruit for breakfast… I was debating taking her to story time that morning, but I’d have to wake her from her nap, so I’m not sure about that one yet.

Maybe we can have a picnic outside for lunch… what to make for dinner? I don’t know…

Help! What are some fun ideas to celebrate her special day? And yes, I know she won’t remember later in life, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t enjoy each moment of her day!


Mini smirk.

Mini smirk.



lang 35

Lang 10






The magic sling.

The magic sling.


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