39 Weeks, 3 Days & 39 Week OB Check

I took this photo on Monday, but haven’t had a chance to post. I’m going to skip my weekly update and say generally speaking, week 39 was pretty good. I had a great acupuncture appointment and chiropractor appointment that left me feeling pretty darn comfortable, all things considered.

My mood was generally stable. And of course, I turned the big 31.


As for my OB check, it went really well!

Weight Gain: I actually went down a few ounces… I know… I’m so skinny. Still sitting at right around 32 lbs total weight gain.

Heart Rate: 96 bpm

BP: 122/58

Baby’s Heart Rate: 135 – chill little man.

Baby Bump: Measuring around 40 cm

I now have another OB check scheduled for tomorrow. I still have not had a cervical check or anything of the sort and we have not discussed any interventions at this point. My hope is that we can continue down that path for one more week and discuss next steps at 41 weeks. I will; however, have a Non-Stress Test tomorrow to check on the little bugger. Based on how I’m feeling and how he’s continuing to splash around, I think all is good.

“This is 31…”

“This is 31…” That was the theme of this year’s birthday celebration. Don’t worry… I’m not being a negative nelly. It was said (many times) in laughter (and sometimes maybe with tears).

Unfortunately, Miss Charlotte has been sick for the past week. We were supposed to have a kid-free day/evening on Saturday to celebrate my 31st, but things changed. Because C was sick and didn’t end up napping on Saturday, we ended up picking her up around 6:15 on Saturday night so we could get her in bed at home.

Despite not being a very sexy birthday celebration (I mean, what was I expecting at 39+ weeks pregnant), I really did have a great time.

After Charlotte tortured us on Saturday morning with her evil “I’m sick” antics, we brought her over to my parents’ house. We had a delish lunch (from my favorite restaurant) WITH an ice cream cake and then headed out to go see Money Monster. The movie was great, the popcorn was tasty and it was just nice to get out.

When we got out of the movie, we went to my new obsession, Tochi Ramen, for takeout. We picked up the yummiest of ramen, picked up Charlotte from my parents’ house, put the crankster to bed and then enjoyed. It wasn’t a fancy dinner, but it was great. We curled up on the couch, ate excessively, and watched iZombie (currently my favorite show).

The next morning, we were ZOO BOUND! Now, anyone who knows us knows that my husband is Mr. Anti Zoo. Luckily for me, he was feeling guilty for his lame lack of “special” on Mother’s Day, so he bit the bullet and took us to the zoo (something I’ve been asking for forever). Despite Charlotte still being decently under the weather, we had a blast! We saw the monkeys and the elephants! We fed goats and got to ride on the train.

All in all, it was a blast!

Then, during C’s nap, Mark and I relaxed, packed our hospital bag and enjoyed our Sunday. Dinner was nice and low-key at home.

And now, here I am… nearly 40 weeks pregnant with my second baby… 31 years old… feeling good and feeling grateful.

Progress Check Update

All of my bouncing and squatting and stressing don’t seem to be working. I’m pretty much the same as I was last week… the new stats:

Dilation: 1/2-1 cm (doc “did me the favor” of poking her finger all the way through the cervix, which technically makes me 1 cm, but not really. This is pretty much where I was before, although my doc didn’t poke through last time. She said that sometimes just “getting a finger in there” helps to get things moving. We’ll see. The thing I know for sure is that it wasn’t comfortable.)

Effacement: 70-80% (so, this is a little higher, but doesn’t really get me too jazzed)

Position: -3… AGAIN! (this is what totally makes me growl. I know, I know… the mantra. She’ll come when she’s ready. But can’t she just give me a little peace of mind by coming down a smidge?)

Weight: 1 lb gain. (I’ve stopped stressing about this. At this point, I’m so f’ing giant it’s not even worth the worry. What’s another pound?)

So, the gist of the visit is that I will likely be taking at minimum the full 40 weeks and up to 42 weeks. My doc, who originally said she’d let me go 10 days past my due date, is now saying she’ll let me go to the full 42 weeks, which brings us to July 11th. That seems like an eternity. But really, it’s not that I feel like I need her to come today or even next week, I just want to feel like we’re making progress. But apparently, she’s not ready… so, we’ll wait. Patiently… ish.

Obviously by the tone of my post, you can tell that my mantra didn’t really work. I can’t help but feel disappointed. I was definitely feeling worse right after my appointment than I am right now. I’m still a week out from my due date, so there’s still time. And ultimately, there is nothing I can do but, well, nothing.

The one little predicament is that my doctor is 90% sure she’s head down, but because of the baby’s very high position, she can’t be 100% sure (because she can’t get a good feel of the baby). She’s given us the option of getting an ultrasound because if the baby is breech, I’ll have to have a c-section. Last night, I had a dream that all of a sudden, I felt her head on top and in unison, the few people around me said, “<GASP> You need a c-section!!” This makes me want to get the ultrasound, but really, it doesn’t feel like she’s head up. I swear I feel kicks and knees and butt on top. So, I think we’ll end up skipping it.

Anyway, I guess it’s time to relax and enjoy my quiet time because once she comes, I’m sure it will be a thing of the past.

And the Nesting is BACK!

I’m not sure if it was the realization that my due date is next week, the fact that I’m starting half-time maternity leave, or my body doing it’s labor-prep thing, but I am back at the nesting game. I feel like the bulk of my pregnancy was spent at a pretty high level of nesting (minus that wicked first trimester) until about a month or so ago… maybe a few weeks? Whenever the swelling started. Once that hit, I was a puffy, sleepy mess with little drive to do much but wimper, ice, or lay. BUT, the past few days have brought me some serious levels of productivity. And not the kind of productivity I had before – where if it wasn’t baby-related, it wasn’t getting done… or at least not quickly – this was full-on, “A-Game” work! At work, at home, at my other work… I’ve been checking things off my lists, getting organized, cleaning up… it’s amazing. I feel really great about it! Last night, I actually unpacked my hospital bag and repacked it in a way that felt more organized. Yep, that’s where I’m at.

So now, it’s 5:10 and I’m working at a totally cleaned up desk with only one thing to finish… this blog! Then, I’m off! I will officially start my half-time maternity leave. Unfortunately, I have to work a full day at my other job tomorrow and a half-day on Friday, but whatever. Regardless, I’m feeling pretty excited. The uncertainty of this job was really starting to bring me down… not to mention the humidity. So once I leave here, I will head to the gym for my last pre-baby workout (they told me I needed to stop after today… I guess they don’t want to deliver my baby on the gym floor) and then go home to organize something. Or maybe fold some laundry? The bedroom could use a bit of organizing.

And despite all the loveliness of my nesting spree, I must mention that yesterday, it did inflict a little damage…

Yup... that is a HUGE chunk of paint that I gouged out of the wall that took us FOREVER to paint. Urgh. That caused my heart to ache a little...

Yup… that is a HUGE chunk of paint that I gouged out of the wall that took us FOREVER to paint. Urgh. That caused my heart to ache a little…

Other than that, hubs and I did a little cloth diaper practice…

This is Mutsy, my childhood stuffed animal. Pretty cute in his little prefold diaper, huh?

This is Mutsy, my childhood stuffed animal. Pretty cute in his little prefold diaper, huh?

Doesn't he look excited to be using cloth diapers?

Doesn’t he look excited to be using cloth diapers?


I will be so happy when…

  • The hot flashes stop. Holy smokes… if anyone looks at me too long, or says something weird, or exists, I start sweating. A lot. My thermostat is way outta whack.
  • I can curl up in the fetal position.
  • I can sleep on my back.
  • My hands are no longer numb.
  • My hands no longer resemble sausages.
  • My feet fit in all of my cute shoes. Oh how I miss wearing cute shoes.
  • I can run and jump into my husband’s arms.
  • I can run and jump.
  • I can give my husband a hug without having to be watermelon-distance apart.
  • I can put my shoes on without breaking a sweat.
  • My stomach doesn’t rest on my stomach when I sit.

So, yesterday I was having very light Braxton Hicks contractions all day. I wasn’t really keeping track of them because they were random and all over the place. Today I’ve had more than I was having previously, but probably not as many as yesterday… at least not that I can remember? I don’t really think it means much except for the obvious, I am coming up on 39 weeks and this baby is coming out soon.

I will say though, I’m getting a little sick of over analyzing every contraction, movement, etc. To the point where I was even considering skipping my internal exam tomorrow. BUT, I’ve decided that I’ll let her check me and if I’ve made no progress, which could totally be the case, then I will skip my 40-week exam. My appointment is tomorrow and I just really hope there has been some progress. I think I feel different. I haven’t had to pee much more than normal (I already pee all the time), but I have had more pressure in my pelvic area and hips. It could just be that this baby is getting HUGE and weighing down on me, but who knows?

I can’t believe this baby is coming soon. I think I’m back to feeling really confident. I spoke to a friend from high school who I had kind of lost touch with and she is just a god-send. She had a natural birth and is just so open and honest about everything. It’s SO nice talking with her. It definitely gave me a boost in confidence. The hubs and I have also been doing the perineum massage, which I think is helping. I don’t know if it will ultimately prevent me from tearing, but it is helping my husband and I in terms of boundary breaking (it was pretty awkward at first), and just in terms of working together. It’s opened up conversation regarding what helps me focus versus what breaks my focus and so on. I know this is a very, VERY mild version of what I’ll actually be feeling, but it at least gets us thinking of ideas.