“This is 31…”

“This is 31…” That was the theme of this year’s birthday celebration. Don’t worry… I’m not being a negative nelly. It was said (many times) in laughter (and sometimes maybe with tears).

Unfortunately, Miss Charlotte has been sick for the past week. We were supposed to have a kid-free day/evening on Saturday to celebrate my 31st, but things changed. Because C was sick and didn’t end up napping on Saturday, we ended up picking her up around 6:15 on Saturday night so we could get her in bed at home.

Despite not being a very sexy birthday celebration (I mean, what was I expecting at 39+ weeks pregnant), I really did have a great time.

After Charlotte tortured us on Saturday morning with her evil “I’m sick” antics, we brought her over to my parents’ house. We had a delish lunch (from my favorite restaurant) WITH an ice cream cake and then headed out to go see Money Monster. The movie was great, the popcorn was tasty and it was just nice to get out.

When we got out of the movie, we went to my new obsession, Tochi Ramen, for takeout. We picked up the yummiest of ramen, picked up Charlotte from my parents’ house, put the crankster to bed and then enjoyed. It wasn’t a fancy dinner, but it was great. We curled up on the couch, ate excessively, and watched iZombie (currently my favorite show).

The next morning, we were ZOO BOUND! Now, anyone who knows us knows that my husband is Mr. Anti Zoo. Luckily for me, he was feeling guilty for his lame lack of “special” on Mother’s Day, so he bit the bullet and took us to the zoo (something I’ve been asking for forever). Despite Charlotte still being decently under the weather, we had a blast! We saw the monkeys and the elephants! We fed goats and got to ride on the train.

All in all, it was a blast!

Then, during C’s nap, Mark and I relaxed, packed our hospital bag and enjoyed our Sunday. Dinner was nice and low-key at home.

And now, here I am… nearly 40 weeks pregnant with my second baby… 31 years old… feeling good and feeling grateful.

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