Take that, puffs!

The tiny one is really starting to master picking up food with her little fingers. She’s not amazing at it, but she’s making progress.

Tonight, for the first time, not only was she able to get the little sweet potato puffy things into her mouth… BUT she actually ate them! She’s only ever had them in her mouth once or twice and it’s always ended in throw up. Poor little gag reflex.

But, again, tonight she did it! She ate at least 10 of the dang things! And, not only that, but she ate little Apple pieces, too! I had steamed apples for applesauce and gave her a little before blending it up.

All in all, a good meal… FINALLY! And, on top of it, she ate some of my oatmeal today, too! Yay for food progress.





I should also mention that leading up to tonight, I have been in a major food power struggle with C. She literally just does not want to be fed. She wants to be a big girl and hold the spoon herself.


To overcome the power struggle, I decided to try a homemade “pouch.” Now, before you yell at me for letting my baby suck on a ziplock bag, it must be said that I was regulating the whole time. Anyway, I decided to make a “piping bag” our of a ziplock, which actually worked.


So, I ordered some Squooshi refillable pouches to try. They haven’t arrived yet, but I’ll keep you posted.