The Changing Table Dresser Situation Resolved

For those of you who don’t remember the dresser debacle, the long and short of it is that in the process of building the dresser, my husband and I messed up the dresser table top. We called the company and told them the piece was broken (among other pieces) and thankfully they had no problem sending us some new pieces.

So, after waiting at least a couple weeks to finally finish our dresser, the top arrived and the dang thing was finally finished. THEN… I could focus on decorating. So I used the 3M Command “Damage-Free” Hanging Strips to hang some picture frames above the dresser and one came crashing down right on top of the damn thing. The result…

A big (relatively speaking)  old dent on my brand new dresser!

A big (relatively speaking) old dent on my brand new dresser!

I called 3M to give them a piece of my mind, which honestly has not gone very far. I’ve sent them photos and before they will do anything, I have to send them back the actual failed hanging strips. SO… that’s still a work in progress.

Meanwhile, I called South Shore, the maker of the dresser and told them that the replacement table top I received is dented. Not untrue, not totally forthcoming. Either way, the woman was SO wonderful! She put me on hold for a minute and let me know that she had issued a replacement order for the piece, which will be wrapped extra well! So HECK YES! Even if 3M continues to put me through the runner, we have a new tabletop on its way. The sanctuary is preserved another day.

One more little thing, I have to say, the dresser was NOT expensive. I want to say it was about $300. So, not garage sale cheap, but still, not expensive. We ordered the thing from WalMart. When we placed the order and even when we received the broken pieces originally (yes, some items were broken upon arrival… and some we played a hand in breaking), I was not confident in our purcahsing decision. But now, in hindsight, I’m very satisfied and it’s purely based on South Shore’s customer service. While waiting for parts to arrive isn’t fun, at least it was totally easy to keep the process moving. I’d definitely recommend South Shore to anyone looking for inexpensive furniture.



I made it to the gym last night, which was good… although my workout was a little less than enthused. I was definitely a bit sluggish, but got more into it by the end. Then, I came home, ate dinner and relaxed a bit. It was nice. Even got to read and make it in bed by 10. I’m hoping for an exact repeat tonight. I’m still feeling quite tired, so I figure a few more nights of solid sleep and I might start feeling human again.

Plus, it’s Thursday… which means tomorrow is Friday… and that means it’s the weekend! We have another fun-filled weekend. Friday we will have dinner at Mark’s dad’s house with his sister and the girlies, which will be really nice. Then, Saturday I have mani’s with my mom and sis… obviously a highlight! And then after, my sister, her hubs, Marky and I will head over to my brother-in-law’s shop to pick up the INSANE amount of baby stuff my sister has saved for us over the years. We’re talking two pallets worth of stuff. Everything from a crib mattress, baby swing and high chair to clothing in every size and style imaginable. Obviously, I am very excited to pick all the stuff up and organize.

Then Saturday night we will be babysitting for the nieces so my sister-in-law can enjoy a nice birthday dinner with Milly compliments on my hubs and I. And Sunday will likely be more organizing and maybe even a trip to Buy Buy Baby! I swear, I think after this weekend we’re going to be pretty darn set in terms of baby gear.

Which reminds me, it must be mentioned that my friend hooked us up with the best deal EVER. She works at Kohl’s and used her discount to get us 65% off of ALL our remaining registry items (or everything that Kohl’s carried). It was amazing… she is amazing!


My Anti-Stretch Mark Go-To’s

Since my sister brought me a “pregnancy kit” at 6 or so weeks, I have been religiously applying creams and oils to my growing belly, breasts, hips, and thighs. Sometimes even the tush gets a little lotion. Anyway, I’ve gone through quite a few brands and here’s what I’ve found to be my favorite…

My moisturizing regimen.

My moisturizing regimen.


Basq FRESH Resilient Body Oil (Eucalyptus): ($19.50 from Pea in the Pod or Amazon) This is the most essential item. While it’s an oil, it isn’t greasy at all. It goes on SO smoothly and doesn’t leave any residue on clothing. Also, it leaves my skin feeling soft and totally moisturized. Even better, it smells awesome. And, if you don’t like the eucalyptus scent, it also comes in lavender. I use this at least twice a day.

Basq Milk & Honey Stretch Mark Butter: ($15.00 from Destination Maternity) I’m not SO sold on this body butter. I don’t really have any complaints, but I’m not as die-hard about it as I am the body oil. I will say that between this and the Burt’s Mama Bee Belly Butter, I make sure to “lock in” the moisture from the oil by putting some form of belly butter on top 9 times out of 10. This cream is nice and thick and has a pretty neutral scent. It it definitely moisturizing and I will definitely use it until it’s done. I’m thinking I might try Pure Fiji Dilo Rescue Body Butter once I run out. It’s supposed to help with any stretch marks you may already have and help keep you nice and moisturized.

Mama Bee Belly Butter by Burt’s Bees: ($12.99 from Destination Maternity) I switch back and forth between the Milk & Honey Stretch Mark Butter and the Mama Bee Belly Butter. They are pretty similar products; although, I think the Stretch Mark Butter is a little thicker, which I like in this bitter cold and dry winter. This will likely be a nicer option when things warm up a bit. Like with the other “butter,” I’m not over-the-moon about this product, but I feel like it’s a good and inexpensive option.

Pure Fiji Coconut Sugar Scrub: ($41.40 from Skin Care Heaven or FREE from my Fiji trip) I am literally obsessed with anything made by Pure Fiji. Their body butter is unreal and this sugar scrub is awesome. I received it as a little welcome gift from one of our resorts and am in love with it. It leaves your skin feeling so soft. Anyway, a lady at Pea in the Pod recommended using a body scrub a few times a week on your belly/breasts/etc. She said to apply it  in a circular motion going one direction (ie: right to left) and then after your shower, to apply your body oil in a circular motion going the other direction (ie: left to right). I try to do this as often as I remember and really enjoy the results. Note: I believe any scrub will do… I just love this one.



I’m feeling full of love and just plain old excited. I can’t wait to find out the sex and get to start registering and designing the nursery. I’m struggling with ideas and color-schemes, so I’m hoping once we know, I’ll be able to make some decisions. Otherwise, still craving sweets like a fiend. And of course, I got a box of girl scout cookies delivered to my desk today. Oy, lemonades… why must you taste so delicious? Three cookies later, I for sure need to get my behind to the gym tonight.