A Great Deal!

I know, I know… More shopping? But seriously, this one I just couldn’t resist. 

Yesterday as I was stalking… Err… Casually reading one of my favorite Buy, Sell, Trade pages on Facebook, I came across a great deal! Someone had posted that Michael’s had a wooden art easel on clearance (hello 80% off!!) for only $13.99! 

Crazy, right?? Originally, this sucker was $80 and if you’ve ever priced wooden art easels out, you know, they’re expensive.

So anyway… Enough of my spending justification.

Today, I dragged my very tired butt out into the literally freezing weather and got the best deal ever! 

I picked up the easel (it has a chalkboard, whiteboard and a holder for a paper roll, in addition to two storage baskets), a paper roll (duh), Crayola Washable Non-Toxic Paint (inspired by my friend Jenny), and paint brushes… All for $30! 

Awesome deal, huh? I love after Xmas sales!

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