I’ve Gained 26 Pounds… And Counting

I just had my regular doctor’s visit and holy smokes… I was shocked when I stepped on that scale. While I only gained 1.5-2 pounds last month, I gained 5 lbs in the past 2 two weeks, pushing my grand total to 26 pounds gained. Ugh…

Despite the fact that my doctor is not concerned even a little, I can’t help but feel a little bad about how high that number is getting. I will admit that with all the family in town, we did a lot of eating out, which translates into not-so-healthy eating. BUT, for the most part, we eat really well and I’ve still been working out. I think I really just need to buckle down. Even when I go out to eat, I need to be sure to pick healthy options. Oy.

Why couldn’t I be one of those people who gain like 16 lbs? I would have really appreciated that. Oh well I guess.

Between that and getting in a fight with my parents this morning – always so fun – I was just about in tears at the doctor’s office. I think the moral of the story is that I need to avoid mean people and scales. That will likely help.



Besides the shocking weight gain, things are looking good. My big ole’ Buddah belly is measuring at about 31 cm, which is perfect. You’re supposed to measure in centimeters the number of weeks you are… ie: I am 31 weeks and my belly is 31 cm.

In more fun news, we’ve officially received most of our packages in the mail from our big Kohl’s purchase (and maybe a couple others). This is what we came home to last night:

Just a few packages!

Just a few packages!

Take that, Christmas!

Take that, Christmas!

The packages contained TONS of 65% off goodies (I love having friends that work at cool places), but the best were obviously the baby monitor and stroller! The baby monitor is currently being charged, so we weren’t able to play too much, but the stroller is put together and even got a little usage!

Baby Toby testing out the new ride.

Baby Toby testing out the new ride.

Oy. I can't handle it... he's just SO cute.

Oy. I can’t handle it… he’s just SO cute.


The Registry

As with most things involving this baby and pregnancy, I did a lot of research before finalizing my registry. Which car seat is the safest? Glass bottles versus plastic? Cloth versus disposable diapers? Which is the best baby monitor? Which brand carries the most natural skin care products? Which stroller is best for a 5′ 1″ woman? And honestly, it goes on from there. So, after all that hard work, I figured I’d share my final selections. And also, I must comment on a couple choices… but remember, this is only what I’ve heard or read… I’ll follow up once the little princess comes and we actually start using this stuff! 1. The Stroller: This was literally the hardest decision I had to make regarding “stuff”… or at least a tie with the furniture. The first time my hubs and I went to check out strollers, I fell in LOVE with the Bugaboo Chameleon. And honestly, who wouldn’t? It’s got great handling, it’s great for short women, it’s versatile, sturdy, adorable, and… horribly expensive. With all the necessary components, this thing ends up being $1000. Anyway, I was seriously considering the stroller until a little bit of practicality sunk in. $1000 would get us a large percentage of the remaining items on our registry, plus a reasonably priced stroller. So, I decided to reevaluate. I did TONS of research on the best strollers for petite women and after rolling through BuyBuy Baby pushing a dozen different strollers, I ultimately decided on the BOB Motion. This thing is compatible with our car seat, it folds up like a dream, it’s relatively manageable at only 22 lbs, and best of all, it has an adjustable tilt on the handle making it perfect for a shorty like me or someone of a normal height. Best of all, it’s under $300! So, that’s the Bob! 2. The Baby Monitor: We were going between the Motorolla, the Summer Infant Dual View Monitors, and the Summer Infant Wifi Monitor. The Wifi sounded so great because you could see the baby even when you left the house, yada yada. Well, turns out that the apps to watch on your phone totally suck and even more so, would we really want that? If we’re leaving the house, the babers will likely be with one of our parents/family members. They don’t need us hovering and watching and we need to be able to get out and not obsess over the baby. As for the Motorolla versus Summer Infant Dual View, from what I heard, the Motorolla has a crisper picture, but you have to be within about 100′ versus the Summer Infant that has a little lower picture quality, but you can be as far as 500′. That means, we could be outside doing yard work and still feel confident that we can hear/see the baby. Also, it comes with two cameras, meaning when Baby #2 comes, we won’t have to buy another monitor!

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 1

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 1

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 2

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 2

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 3

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 3

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 4

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 4

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 5

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 5

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 6

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 6

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 7

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 7

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 8

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 8

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 9

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 9

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 10

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 10

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 11

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 11

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Pottery Barn Kids Registry - Page 2

Pottery Barn Kids Registry – Page 2