The Registry

As with most things involving this baby and pregnancy, I did a lot of research before finalizing my registry. Which car seat is the safest? Glass bottles versus plastic? Cloth versus disposable diapers? Which is the best baby monitor? Which brand carries the most natural skin care products? Which stroller is best for a 5′ 1″ woman? And honestly, it goes on from there. So, after all that hard work, I figured I’d share my final selections. And also, I must comment on a couple choices… but remember, this is only what I’ve heard or read… I’ll follow up once the little princess comes and we actually start using this stuff! 1. The Stroller: This was literally the hardest decision I had to make regarding “stuff”… or at least a tie with the furniture. The first time my hubs and I went to check out strollers, I fell in LOVE with the Bugaboo Chameleon. And honestly, who wouldn’t? It’s got great handling, it’s great for short women, it’s versatile, sturdy, adorable, and… horribly expensive. With all the necessary components, this thing ends up being $1000. Anyway, I was seriously considering the stroller until a little bit of practicality sunk in. $1000 would get us a large percentage of the remaining items on our registry, plus a reasonably priced stroller. So, I decided to reevaluate. I did TONS of research on the best strollers for petite women and after rolling through BuyBuy Baby pushing a dozen different strollers, I ultimately decided on the BOB Motion. This thing is compatible with our car seat, it folds up like a dream, it’s relatively manageable at only 22 lbs, and best of all, it has an adjustable tilt on the handle making it perfect for a shorty like me or someone of a normal height. Best of all, it’s under $300! So, that’s the Bob! 2. The Baby Monitor: We were going between the Motorolla, the Summer Infant Dual View Monitors, and the Summer Infant Wifi Monitor. The Wifi sounded so great because you could see the baby even when you left the house, yada yada. Well, turns out that the apps to watch on your phone totally suck and even more so, would we really want that? If we’re leaving the house, the babers will likely be with one of our parents/family members. They don’t need us hovering and watching and we need to be able to get out and not obsess over the baby. As for the Motorolla versus Summer Infant Dual View, from what I heard, the Motorolla has a crisper picture, but you have to be within about 100′ versus the Summer Infant that has a little lower picture quality, but you can be as far as 500′. That means, we could be outside doing yard work and still feel confident that we can hear/see the baby. Also, it comes with two cameras, meaning when Baby #2 comes, we won’t have to buy another monitor!

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 1

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 1

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 2

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 2

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 3

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 3

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 4

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 4

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 5

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 5

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 6

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 6

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 7

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 7

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 8

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 8

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 9

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 9

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 10

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 10

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 11

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 11

Registry List _ Pottery Barn Kids_Redacted_Page_1

Pottery Barn Kids Registry - Page 2

Pottery Barn Kids Registry – Page 2

11 thoughts on “The Registry

  1. That’s a good looking registry!!! I def had a harder time doing this one than my wedding- so much to look into! And I consider myself pretty laid back, I still had a mini freak out with car seat- stroller too. Although in the end, price is usually my deciding factor, as long as it gets decent reviews I am good. Can’t wait til hear about your shower!!!

  2. This is a very well thought-out registry! Nice work. I had a super hard time with this, and we ended up getting a lot of useful stuff from friends rather than the registry. We have the Graco Classic Connect car seat (obviously, brand new) and it is so easy and comfortable to use. Anyway, don’t stress over this too much – a lot of stuff you think you need, you never end up using because they grow up so fast/don’t like something/you forgot you have it.

    • Thanks, Eugenia! We are getting TONS of hand-me-downs from my sister, which is amazing! Hopefully we don’t have too much “extra” stuff… but from what I’ve heard, that’s just part of the game!

  3. I have wanted to ask- cause I have heard from most people to expect pretty much all clothes and hardly anything to be bought off the registry….how was it for you? Do you and the Hubs have to go out and buy more stuff?

    • We got a TON of stuff off of our registry and some clothes/miscellaneous items (also quite useful). I only had one shower, with around 40ish guests, so I will say we didn’t get everything (and didn’t expect to). We did get the bulk of our stuff though and received money from some family/friends, which we were able to use for the majority of the rest of it. But, I would probably expect to have to buy some stuff. Also, it depends on what you’ve registered for and how expensive those items are. Does that make sense?

      • Sure does : ) I was just curious- our shower is about a week away and of course I am stalking the registry..and realize not a whole lot has been bought. The big stuff has (thank goodness!) and all that I registered for after the big stuff was necessity stuff ($10-$30 range)..I have a feeling most people prob don’t want to buy necessity things cause not ALL of it’s cute (nipples for bottles, diapers..not super cute) just wondering what to expect. I have so many clothes already, I am just going to mentally prepare myself for more I guess…lol.

      • Honestly, I would mentally prepare yourself to have to buy a lot of the non-cute stuff yourself. That’s what happened to us. Just about anything related to nipples… mine or on a bottle… were left. People love to buy the cute stuff, ya know?

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