What do you want to do today?

What do you want to do today?

Should we potty train C? It’s probably the last long weekend we have for awhile.


Okay, so maybe there was a little more convo, but at max, maybe 10 minutes. We decided to go cold turkey. Farewell, diapers!

Charlotte was reluctant at first, but actually did a really great job yesterday. She went pee in the potty twice (for the first and second time ever) and poop once! She had an accident during her nap and later this evening. 

I’m super impressed with her! She did SUCH a great job!

This morning is also going well! She woke up wet at 7:15a, but it seemed like she had just peed. Then, within an hour of being up, she pooped and peed on the potty – both of which she prompted. She was playing with her toys and yelled, “I have to go potty!”

Go, Charlie!

In terms of details, we’ve been giving her either chocolate chips or mini m&m’s after each poo or pee (2-5 each time… we ask how many she wants and she responds with some number in this range).

We’ve also spent most of the time with no bottoms on (no undies/pants/diaper). In fact, her one non-sleep accident happened when she had undies and pants on. 

When she’s actually on the potty, we’ve been watching family videos on my phone, reading books, and singing. She tends to want to get off right before she goes potty. 

As implied, we also cut out diapers at night and during nap. Hopefully, after a couple days, we’ll be doing less laundry. Fingers crossed!

All in all, she seems to be enjoying the process! She’s happy and excited (and adorable with her tiny butt cheeks hanging out). 

Pant-less dance party!

5 thoughts on “What do you want to do today?

      • Cold turkey! No diapers and wore underwear from day 1. We followed the 3-day potty training system (it took us much longer than that). It basically focuses on empowering the toddler through lots and lots of positive reinforcement and communication until they know when they have to go.

        My tips? Stay positive. Don’t let them see you go weak. Stay consistent. Be prepared to cry out of frustration many times. 😉

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