28-Week Check Up

Last Monday (2/29), I had my 28-week OB Check. I meant to post this little update sooner, because I’m sure I’ve already forgotten things… but better late than never.

Glucose & HGB/HCT Test
This week was the ever exciting Glucose Test where I got to consume a ridiculous amount of orange drink in record time. Thankfully, despite getting in a fight less than an hour before my test, I PASSED!

Glucose Test Result

In terms of the HGB/HCT test, my results came in a little low; HOWEVER, according to the doc, they’re normal for pregnancy. Regardless, I have decided that I should try to make a concious effort to eat more protein/iron-rich foods.

Iron Level Test Results

Heartrate: 96 bpm (a bit high… maybe from the special orange drink?)

Weight: Up 21 lbs – Also, due to the endless amounts of comments I’ve received (you’re carrying bigger this time, you seem to be eating differently this time, yada yada I’m giant), I asked my doctor to compare my weight gain with my pregnancy with C and this little man. Brace yourself, folks! IT’S THE SAME.

Here’s the kicker… I started 4 lbs heavier this time. So, with that said, when you’re commenting on me looking bigger, it’s actually my non-pregnant self who gained the extra LBS and we would never insult a non-pregnant woman by saying she looks big, right? Moral of the story, back off!

Q&A Session
Q: I’ve had random soreness on what feels like the exterior of my belly. The pain is sharp like a bruise and comes and goes. Should I be worried?
A: No. This is likely just baby pressing on a nerve, etc.

Q: I seem to have an excessive amount of braxton hicks. Should I be worried?
A: No. Likely you notice them more this time. Not a concern.

Q: Let’s talk VBAC’s. If my pregnancy is looking different (aka I’m actually progressing, baby is engaging, etc), will you allow me to go late and/or have pitocin?
A: Yes. If everything is the same, it is my recommendation that you schedule a c-section. If everything is different, I have no problem giving you additional time past your due date. In terms of pitocin, I will use pitocin to augment labor, but not to initiate. Initiating labor with pitocin will put you at more risk.


28 Weeks Bumpdate


Taken 2/27/16

 How far along: 28 Weeks, 3 Days – THIRD TRIMESTER

Total weight gain: So I finally decided to break down and ask my doctor how my weight gain this pregnancy compares with last pregnancy. AND, the consensus? The same! However, I am currently about 4 lbs heavier than last pregnancy, which is where I started out (AKA: my pre-pregnancy weight for this pregnancy was 4 lbs above last pregnancy).

I was actually really relieved to hear that. I don’t know why exactly, but it felt good.

And honestly, I’ve been doing really quite well with my workout routine over the past 2-3 months. I’ve been going strong at around 3 workouts per week (there were a few weeks I skipped because I was sick, etc) and actually increased to 4 times starting last week. We’ll see if I can keep it up.

It’s crazy how much better I feel when I’m working out. I feel more energized and flexible and just all around less achy and less like a giant monster hobbling around.

Maternity clothes: I still haven’t made any progress here. I should get another pair of workout pants and a sports bra and could also use a new top or two… but I haven’t decided what I’ll do with that.

Stretch marks: Still going strong with no stretchies.

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping pretty well lately. Although last night I was up with poor Charlie. She had a nightmare and woke up SCREAMING… and I mean SCREAMING at the top of her lungs… last night. Daddy went in first, but within 15 minutes of him getting back to bed, she was screaming again. It was Mommy’s turn.

Despite it being 3:30 in the morning, it was actually really sweet time with my girl. She was such a cuddle bug and just so warm and innocent.

Anyway, I digress. My sleep has been just fine.

Best moment of this week: My sweet Katiekins was back in town this weekend for her shower! I was able to see her Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The only way for it to be.

Her shower was a lot of fun! Great food and even better company!


Then Sunday, we all got together for brunch with the babies. Yes, more baby brunching! It’s so fun to have all the kiddies together.  
The other fun little snipit is that we’re continuing to make progress in Charlotte’s new room. The big girl room and bed transition is coming quickly!

Miss anything: I could go for a nice little happy hour date.

Movement: I’ll keep saying it, but this little mister is a mover and a shaker. He’s busy busy in there.

Food cravings: I haven’t been to “crave-y” this week. I mean, I love sweets, but whatever. OH! Wait… the other night I ate… hmm. What did I eat? An orange, a bag of cheddar skinny pop and a bowl of cherrios. Mark claimed it was my first little pregnancy random food binge. It was tasty.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nada.

Have you started to show yet: Today some very sweet women told me that they didn’t even notice that I was pregnant! Yahoo! Go me.

Gender: little man!

Labor signs: The Braxton Hicks have slowed down a bit, which is nice. Doc said it’s no biggy.

Belly button in or out: My belly button is a weird little stretched bump now.

Wedding rings on or off: On, but sometimes I wish off.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy unless people are being mean. I have a very low tolerance for mean. 

Looking forward to: We should be pretty darn close to done with C’s room by the end of this weekend. I literally cannot wait. We are going to start doing nighttime routine in there (reading her books in her new bed, etc) and playing in there and just sleeping in her crib at night. Then, a week or two after that, we’ll make the big transition.

And then we get to decorate the nursery! Big things.

There is still a TON to finish, which is quite overwhelming. And I just feel like there are so many things I want to get done. And of course, whenever you feel like that, you get hit with a ton of other random stupid things that try to derail you. One being my broken windshield. Definitely going to be a very unwanted expense and time-suck to get that stupid thing fixed.

Universe, please just let me spend this final trimester nesting in peace.