28-Week Check Up

Last Monday (2/29), I had my 28-week OB Check. I meant to post this little update sooner, because I’m sure I’ve already forgotten things… but better late than never.

Glucose & HGB/HCT Test
This week was the ever exciting Glucose Test where I got to consume a ridiculous amount of orange drink in record time. Thankfully, despite getting in a fight less than an hour before my test, I PASSED!

Glucose Test Result

In terms of the HGB/HCT test, my results came in a little low; HOWEVER, according to the doc, they’re normal for pregnancy. Regardless, I have decided that I should try to make a concious effort to eat more protein/iron-rich foods.

Iron Level Test Results

Heartrate: 96 bpm (a bit high… maybe from the special orange drink?)

Weight: Up 21 lbs – Also, due to the endless amounts of comments I’ve received (you’re carrying bigger this time, you seem to be eating differently this time, yada yada I’m giant), I asked my doctor to compare my weight gain with my pregnancy with C and this little man. Brace yourself, folks! IT’S THE SAME.

Here’s the kicker… I started 4 lbs heavier this time. So, with that said, when you’re commenting on me looking bigger, it’s actually my non-pregnant self who gained the extra LBS and we would never insult a non-pregnant woman by saying she looks big, right? Moral of the story, back off!

Q&A Session
Q: I’ve had random soreness on what feels like the exterior of my belly. The pain is sharp like a bruise and comes and goes. Should I be worried?
A: No. This is likely just baby pressing on a nerve, etc.

Q: I seem to have an excessive amount of braxton hicks. Should I be worried?
A: No. Likely you notice them more this time. Not a concern.

Q: Let’s talk VBAC’s. If my pregnancy is looking different (aka I’m actually progressing, baby is engaging, etc), will you allow me to go late and/or have pitocin?
A: Yes. If everything is the same, it is my recommendation that you schedule a c-section. If everything is different, I have no problem giving you additional time past your due date. In terms of pitocin, I will use pitocin to augment labor, but not to initiate. Initiating labor with pitocin will put you at more risk.


4 thoughts on “28-Week Check Up

  1. Ha! I’m the same with my weight. When I was busy trying to analyze it my hubby that asked me what my starting weight was for #1, then #2 (although I’m fairly sure he knew) he wanted to find a kind way for me to come to the realization on my own!

  2. I started like 10-15 lbs heavier this time so I’m dreading the lbs coming on. I’m carrying a bit different this time around… like a creepy alien body.. so we’ll see if that makes a difference. Fingers crossed for limited swelling in third tri!

    I think you mentioned in your original birth story that you wanted to go unmedicated (right?). Did your doctor mention anything about that? Mine said if I opted for a VBAC, that she would prefer for me to get an epidural.. just in case. I’m still deciding between VBAC or RCS. I think there are pros and cons to both so I haven’t made up my mind.

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