32 Weeks – ONLY 8(ish) TO GO!

  How far along: 32 Weeks! Can you believe it? Only 8 weeks left… technically! Although who REALLY knows. Learned that one with pregnancy #1.

But seriously, this has been the fastest pregnancy ever. It’s all a total blur. The weeks are so fast, it’s hard to comprehend. I feel like the remaining 8 weeks are just going to fly even faster and our sweet little mister will be here.

I think Charlotte is starting to get it a little bit. Clearly she’s obsessed with babies, but she talks a lot about the baby in Mommy’s tummy. She’ll say “shhhh” because the baby is sleeping. And she gets all excited and wants to put her hands on Mommy’s belly. It’s all very sweet. I literally cannot wait to see her shine as big sister.

Total weight gain: Over the past 3 weeks, I gained 2.5 lbs (as of Monday), which is great! I’m up a total of 23.5 lbs, which I’m totally good with. I just looked, and at 31 weeks with C, I had gained 26 lbs.

Maternity clothes: I went to Destination Maternity / Pea in the Pod last weekend and left totally bummed out. The only thing I actually liked was this $130 faux leather coat. The lady tried to convince me that I could wear it after… but I wasn’t sold. So, I left empty handed.

Here’s a  link to the coat. It was cuter in person.

I also saw this shirt there, which I just loved. SO  FUNNY… but $38… I don’t think so. 

 Stretch marks: Still going strong with no stretchies… although, I had a dream this morning that I put on a two-piece swimsuit and was SHOCKED to see that my stomach was ALL stretch marks. I’m hoping that isn’t a premonition. I secretly have goals to rock a (tasteful) midriff bearing dress and bikini in my future.

Sleep: 75% of the time, I feel like a turtle stuck on its back. But really, sleep hasn’t been too bad.

Best moment of this week: You guys… Charlotte was dressed as a furry teddy bear. What could EVER be better than that? She was happy and huggable and delicious. Let’s just call the whole month made. 

 We also celebrated our anny last weekend, which was so much fun! I forgot to take a photo, which is a bummer. I wore my new faux leather pants… I was a fan. We went for a delicious dinner at this French restaurant on the lakefront. It was perfect. We had a wonderful 2+ hour dinner and just really enjoyed each other.

Afterwards, we went to the casino to play some blackjack, which is just so much fun… except that we lost $80. That was a bummer. But still, SO FUN! I can’t help it… I love gambling. Thankfully I’ve only actually played cards at a casino twice, so I’m still up overall 🙂

Miss anything: I’ve been having some heavy wine cravings. I think it was that glimpse of spring we had. White wine on a spring evening. Heavenly.

Movement: Last night the tiny tot tried to escape. I swear he was trying to find his way out of my lady bits. He continues to be a mega wiggler. I often find myself suffering from severe twitches caused my his need to give my internal organs titty twisters.

Food cravings: There is this Veggie Pesto Breakfast Burrito at a local coffee shop by me… Nothing makes my mornings better than starting it off with one of those suckers (with the deliciously spicy salsa) and a vanilla latte.

Anything making you queasy or sick: I’ve recovered from my cold!! This one was definitely short-lived (only about a week), but SUCH a dousy. It got me whining and crabby. But I’m feeling good now.

Have you started to show yet: Ba bump.

Gender: Little brother bear.

Labor signs: Oh no, no. Although we are starting all the prep for it. We hired a new doula, I’ve been reading positive birthing stories and researching VBAC’s… I’ve been trying to get our ducks in a row! We’re definitely in the home stretch.

Belly button in or out: It reminds me of the weird alien’s mouth from Max & Me…

max and me

Wedding rings on or off: On! Last time I made it to 36 weeks… we’ll see what happens this time.

Happy or moody most of the time: I think I’ve been happy. You’d have to ask the hubby. I was crabby last night and I’ve been sick, so I’ve been whiney. But happy? Whatever, I can’t remember so whatever it was doesn’t count and just defaults to the happiest, sweetest woman ever.

Looking forward to: Marky’s birthday is next week! We’ve been celebrating MarKch all month with weekly presies. I love birthdays!! Going out for another date next weekend to celebrate 🙂

31 Week Visit

Today I had my 31 week OB check. The coolest part was the fact that I now officially start going every two weeks. Crazy, right?

I’m in the home stretch(ish)! 

My stats:

Heart rate: 96 again… Seems so high. Nurse said maybe because of my cold, but it was the same last time.

BP: 100/50

Weight Gain: 2.5 lbs since last visit (3 weeks ago) – 23.5 lbs total

Baby’s heart rate: 140-145 

The only real question I asked was about whether or not I needed another ultrasound. I remembered her mentioning one, but couldn’t remember why or when.

Turns out it’s just for sizing purposes (to determine how big the baby is) and since I wouldn’t opt for a c-section regardless of how big they’d claim the baby to be, I opted out of the ultrasound.

So, another quick and easy appointment. 

OB schedule:

Every two weeks for the next 4 weeks, then every week. Only 5 appointments left!!

Time is going to fly.