Half of a Year… and then another month down

Can I just say that the past 6 months have literally been the fastest of my life? I mean, it feels like I have known Henry my whole life and that he’s been in our world forever, but at the same time, I literally cannot believe that it’s already been half of a year! Mind blowing.


Even more mindblowing? Another month has passed since I wrote the above statement. Shit, I’m so behind and life is just flying by. Henry is SEVEN months old… practically in college.

Weight: Per his 6-month check up (which occurred at 6 months and 2.5 weeks), he’s 21 lbs and either 5 or 8 ounces! I can’t remember. 95th percentile for our tiny giant!

Height: Big man Henry is 28.25″… WOWZA! I’m 60″… just think about that. 91st percentile for height.

Health Updates: Henry still has constant boogs. I think he keeps them there so I can pick them out. He’s giving like that. Otherwise, he’s been nice and healthy (knock on wood). I’m sure it’s helped that Charlotte hasn’t been in school for over a month now. We’ve been pretty germ-free.

Sleep: Henry continues to be amazing in the sleep department. He had a week or so where he decided he wanted to wake up an hour after he went to sleep. At first, we went in nightly and gave him hugs and smooches and then we realized he was hustling us. Or really that he was just getting into a totally unnecessary routine. We did cry it out and voila! Back to normal. The first night he cried for an hour, then for 15 minutes, and by night 3 it was maybe a couple of minutes.

Henry’s routine is a little different these days. He’s been eating solids at dinnertime with the family. Then, we get him in his jammies/sleep sack and start feeding him his bottle in Charlie’s room while we read two stories. After stories, Mark takes him to his room to finish his bottle and go to bed. He’s typically done with his 8.5-9oz bottle and in bed by 6:30 or 7 at the latest. Typically, he sleeps until around 7/730.


In terms of his schedule, most commonly, it looks like this:

7/730: Wake up (we will usually either give him a bottle or I’ll nurse him)

830/9: He typically naps for an hour (sometimes 2 hours if he’s at home)

11/1130: Nap

2:30/3:30: Nap

5:30: Dinner

6:30: Bed

Clothes/Diapers (Sizes): Henry is a tank. He’s pretty solidly in 12-month clothes. 9 fits him most of the time, but 12 month clothes are ideal. Diapers, he’s in a 5… same size as his sister. I do squeeze his tiny butt in size 4’s, but always regret it as I’m cleaning baby shit off of his back and thighs.

Diet: Sir Henry takes down boatloads of milk daily and is also eating 1-2 solid meals a day. I’ve been SO much less calculated with solids for Henry than I was for Charlotte. Here’s what he’s tried so far:

  • sweet potatoes (first food at about 4 months and 1-2 weeks – doesn’t like it)
  • peas
  • apples
  • bread
  • Panera chicken noodle soup (that’s legit, right?)
  • Panera bread (even more legit…)
  • Zucchini
  • Chicken
  • Oatmeal
  • Avocado
  • Black beans
  • Pasta
  • Puffs

That might be all…

Teeth: Henry has two tiny chompers on the bottom and seems to be working on the top. Who knows. Like I’ve said before, he seems to be in a constant state of teething.

Baby Gear Love: Henry’s best friend (besides Charlie) is his reindeer Rodolfo. Other faves: Comotomo Teether (this thing is cheap and awesome!!), Nuby Teether (Nana got something like this for Henry and he absolutely loves it), Edushape Sensory Balls (When Charlie actually lets him play with his balls from Grandpa, he really enjoys them. Perfect for gnawing and reaching and bouncing around). He also still loves his play mat and his exersaucer. Oh! And his Fisher Price car thing.

Milestones/Firsts: Henry is legit rolling from back to belly and all over the place. He also does assisted standing (and bouncing). He’s working on sitting up by himself, but still calls over pretty consistently.

Crap, I don’t know! All the time blends together, but he’s amazing and wonderful! That’s not new though…

Likes: Henry is still my little guy and I seem to continue as the apple of my little man’s eyes. He also loves the “laughing game” as Charlie calls it. This entails Charlie laughing or being goofy and Henry cracking up. They’re definitely little buddies. It’s perfectly sweet and I love it. My little loves.

Henry loves to eat. He makes little happy food grunts and hungry grunts when he wants more.

Henry LOVES to hug, but equally loves to attempt to rip off faces/hair. He enjoys splashing and rolling around.

Dislikes: Being put down when he wants to play. Being overtired…

Hmmm… I don’t know. He’s so dang happy. He’s a lover of life.

Things I Don’t Want to Forget: Henry is my little man. It absolutely blows my mind how sweet he is. He gets the biggest smiles when he sees his momma. And he gives me the best and biggest hugs. I love just laying around with him and don’t want to forget those moments. When I tickle his little belly, when he grabs onto my face and laughs. All of it.

His relationship with Charlie is also just magical. The way he looks are her… it’s just so sweet. He has sparkle eyes and he gives them to her often. He just waits – with a smile from ear to ear – for her to say something that sends him roaring. Despite the fact that she constantly steals his toys, rolls him over, and bosses him around, he absolutely adores her.

The other day, I was thinking about how crazy the past 7 months have been. I’ve found 2 children to be much more challenging than 1. There’s like 5 times the amount of things to do at all moments and there are so many moments where if you stopped me in my tracks and asked me what I was doing at that exact moment, I’d list 6 things off. BUT, despite it all, it’s all so incredibly fulfilling and magical and perfect and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I have so many moments that I want to just bottle up and keep preserved forever… sitting in Charlie’s bed with Mark, Charlie & Henry, reading stories… Charlie explaining the story to Henry and showing him the book, letting him hold it… Sitting at the dinner table, watching both kids laugh hysterically, as Mark and I laugh and love. Everything. It’s just been so incredibly rewarding and perfect. My heart is full.

Rolling Over

Little Henry has been working SO hard to roll over lately, but that 95th percentile body has just been too heavy to get a full roll out of… until last night!

And of course, in full “second child” form, he did it when my back was turned. I only knew he did it because I turned back to find him 3 body widths from where I left him. Way to go, Henry!

Time to baby proof! Somehow I’m going to guess that baby proofing will be much more challenging with Henry than it was with Henry. Damn all those Charlie toys with all the mini pieces!

​​Meanwhile, if Henry asks, the reason I was so distracted and missed your first roll is simple… we had just given Charlie her final Chanukah gift: a dollhouse! And not just any dollhouse, but a $50-bought-used, lights that work, accessories galore dollhouse. 
Sorry, Henry Love, you know how I love tiny things.

One Man Circus

Henry’s dropping tricks like a ring leader!  Yesterday it was laughing and today he rolls over from tummy to back!

Go, Henry!

Remember when he would eat carpet every time we did tummy time? Well, hubby has been working on it with him every day (like he did with Charlie) and now he’s a regular pro!

Such a skilled little man! 

Here’s a video of him in action…

Aren’t my boys cute?

He Laughs!!

While I can only imagine that he’s laughing at me, my sweet perfect little man officially giggles!!!!

I swear, Charlie was way older!

Fact check… I just searched my blog and while I couldn’t find the actual date of her first laugh, I know at 15 weeks, she still wasn’t laughing (although she was getting close). 

Side note: she was sleeping through the night. Totally not a competition… But really… Hint, hint, Henry.

Anyway, my little giggler is adorable! He’s been the smileiest guy around and I had a feeling a laugh was just around the corner (and before 13 weeks)! 

So excited to have captured the milestone 💙

Bruised Shins

At nearly 14 months, Miss Char Char seems to be boycotting walking… or maybe it’s less of a boycott and more of a favoring towards the knee walking. It’s the goofiest thing, but this little chiquita literally clomps around everywhere on her knees and shins. And let me tell you, her knees and shins are paying the price. The poor girl is constantly bruised up… not that it stops her or even seems to bother her. But still… it bothers us!

Here’s a video of the famous knee walk…

I will give her a little credit… on Wednesday of last week, Charlotte finally took those first steps we’ve been waiting to see! She can do about 3-5 steps max without holding onto things. BUT, she just genuinely prefers her knee walking. At least for now.

Her first mini steps:

Today at lunch, Mark attempted to practice walking with her. Notice that we literally have to bribe her steps. This girl refuses to stand unless she wants to and hold your hand and walk? You’ve gotta be kidding! She’ll glue herself to the floor before she’d do such a thing.

I’m sure you can hear the slight level of frustration I’m fighting off in my tone. It’s the most annoying feeling. I feel like because it was my expectation that she’d be walking by 12 months, I feel frustrated or maybe anxious about her not walking. I know it’s a stupid thought and I’ve read in a million places (and heard from our doctor) that it’s not an issue until 15-18 months, but still.

Maybe this is some form of Mom Guilt. Really, I know she will walk when she’s ready and I don’t worry at all about her development… but there is this part of me that just wants her to be walking already.

Sorry, bunny. I hope you don’t feel any sort of pressure… I’m sure once you’re walking, I’m going to wish you were back to crawling.

Sweet 16

The tiny princess is 16 weeks today. What an old lady! This past week has been a big one. Charlotte had her first airplane rides, which honestly went SO well. She was perfection. During the entire 48-hour travel extravaganza, she barely cried at all. Once on the plane for 25 seconds as a desperate plea for some milk and once in the hotel… She didn’t exactly love their poor excuse for a pack n play mattress. We literally couldn’t have asked for better behavior.




She also attended her first funeral. I know I mentioned this twice already, but she brought such joy to such a sad time. She wore this silly and adorable fedora that you couldn’t help but smile at. Such a sweetie pie.

Ohhhh! And, big news, Charlotte rolled from back to tummy for the first time. What a little buttercup! Now all of a sudden she constantly feels the need to be rolling around.

Charlotte also went to her first art auction. She was a total lady.

Ahh and one more first, her first birthday party! Sunday was her cousin Gabby’s 3rd birthday party. She played pin the tummy on the care bear…



Other than that, Miss C has spent a whole lot of time chitter chattering up a storm lately. I hope to post some videos soon. It’s seriously hilarious. She’s such a goofball.

Oh and these past few days, she has been the anti-napper. It is not amazing. Fingers crossed that tomorrow is better.

And now, Charlie’s 16 week pictures…