Hem Jan 2018 3

My little buddy boy is having surgery tomorrow. It’s routine, but long, and requires general anesthesia. We’ve known about this procedure for awhile now, which clearly means that I have almost successfully been ignoring the impending date for months. With only hours left and pre-op prep beginning after nap, I’m anxious.

Hem Jan 2018I’m sure I’ve mentioned it – as if one wouldn’t guess it – but I’m an anxious person on a good day. Since having babies, said anxiety has hit borderline crazy person levels. So, I’m sure you can imagine the endless worry cycling through my mind. I keep wanting to tell myself, “you know that everything will be okay!” but do I? That’s where my head is at.

Hem Jan 2018 2

I would say that 100% my biggest anxiety is in the anesthesia. I just want everything to go smoothly. Things will be okay. Little buddy, my sweet love, will be okay and this time tomorrow, we will hopefully be on our way back home. Easy peasy. Done and done.

Hem Jan 2018 4

Still, I’m walking around as if constantly on the verge of panic or an emotional breakdown. Tight, tight chest. Totally useless mind. Constantly fidgeting body. Fighting tears. The good stuff. And, somehow it’s only 2pm.

Hem Dec 2017

If you’re in my inner circle, I love you, but don’t want to discuss aforementioned crazy thoughts. Just need to get a little weight off my heavy chest. And, rest assured, if Henry wakes early from his nap, he and I will be leaving work to get a yummy treat for him and a little retail therapy in for me.

Wish us luck, send us strength and keep us in your hearts. Thanks, all.

Wuv You 

Hem hem says “wuv you”… 

Of course his first time to say these special words was to papa and not his mother who birthed him… but whatever.

Such a pie.

(His first proclamation of love – to my dad – was last week or the week before)

Henry at 3 Months

Weight: BIG! Henry hasn’t been weighed since his 2-month check up (at which point he was nearly 14 lbs!!!), but I can pretty much guaranty that he’s a giant. And luckily for me, he loves to be bounced and rocked and patted to sleep. Let’s just say that my arm muscles have been getting quite the workout.

Height: As with his weight, Henry’s height is pretty off the charts, too. I can’t remember what it was at 2 months, but I do remember that he was in the 98th percentile or something similar. I think closer to 75th for weight (he lost a bit of momentum on his weight after having diarrhea for a month straight). Anyway, he’s giant. Will likely be carrying me around by his third birthday.

Health Updates: The poop saga has seemed to have subsided. After a very long month of diaper blow out after outfit changing diaper blow out (sometimes as many as 6 per day), his poo seems to be pretty normal. I am still not eating dairy or soy (and have actually given up wheat/gluten as well) and Henry is taking a daily probiotic. Other than that, the poor little bumpkin currently has a cold/cough that the toddler so graciously brought home for all of us to share.

Sleep: The word sleep makes me cry. But really, it’s not SO bad lately… the problem is that I haven’t slept in nearly 3.5 months and I’m so incredibly sleep deprived that I don’t notice what an improvement we’ve seen in Henry’s sleep this third month.

He’s now waking up twice per night. Always sometime between 10-12 and 3-4 for about 30-60 minutes total. Not bad…

It’s interesting, I was looking back at my blog to see what Charlie was doing at this age because in my memory, she was only waking up once. Well, turns out (according to this blog post), she was actually on the exact same schedule as Henry. Like… waking up at the exact two times. Pretty crazy, huh?

Makes me wonder two things…

  1. Does that mean that Henry will be just as lovely of a sleeper as his sister????? PLEASE. SAY. YES.
  2. I wonder if Henry hadn’t gotten sick with his massive diarrhea (official diagnosis), would he have slept through the night? Really early on, he was sleeping 4-7 hour stretches and got sick right around 5 weeks, which is when Charlie started sleeping through the night (and Henry started waking every 1-2 hours).

Anyway, let’s just say in the sleep department, there is room for improvement.

It should also be mentioned that Henry DEMANDS a good tush potch and rock until he’s fast asleep before being put down (sorry, Henry, but at 4-5 months, you’ll be crying it out like your sis). If you even think about putting him down before he’s ready, his eyes pop open as if to say, “don’t even think about it!!!”

Also, since I’ve been back at work, Henry has become a regular napper. Although, some days, he’s just a total butt. Refuses naps, forces me to potch for hours, etc.

Clothes/Diapers (Sizes): Henry has been in size 3-6 month for awhile, but as of maybe 2-4 weeks ago, he just flat out doesn’t fit in 3 month clothes. As for diapers, he’s a 2.

Diet: Milk, milk, milk. And fingers. He LOVES to shove his fingers or my hands in his mouth. BUT, still no paci. Apparently, Charlie started at 3 months. Fingers crossed.

Baby Gear Love: Henry LOVES his “baby,” which is an adorable reindeer named Rodolfo, from Cuddle + Kind. He also loves all of his Eric Carle toys like these. Otherwise… I don’t know. My favorite item is the Dr. Brown’s bottles because when they’re in use, it means Mark is feeding Henry and I’m getting a break. But really, I don’t know. I feel like this time around, I’m hardly using anything. We haven’t been using the ring sling much, the swing is alright, I stopped using the boppy awhile ago… Whatever, I don’t know.

Milestones/Firsts: This month, Henry started rolling from his tummy to his back. He’s become an expert head holder upper (yes, this is a thing). He giggles! He’s pretty much smiling 85% of his awake time, staring blankly 10% and screaming his face off 5%.

He pulls himself up while holding onto my fingers. Loves trying to sit up. Grabs at all his toys and shoves them in his mouth. He can follow / track toys. He’s pretty much a genius.

Likes: Mommy, Daddy, Charlie (loves Charlie… except when she’s being a jerk), Rodolfo, smiling, reading books with Mommy, being rocked, being tickled, being held.

Dislikes: Being put down when he’s not ready. When Charlie is too rough.

Things I Don’t Want to Forget: All of it. He’s totally my little momma’s boy baby love. He hugs me like a koala and I just can’t get enough. We play a game where I kiss and smush his little cheek with my lips/face/nose and he tries to eat my face while smiling. Sounds weird, but it’s the best. He’s just such a sweet pumpkin pie.

Also, I know I’ve said it a million times, but he’s just such a happy little fella. He makes me one very happy momma.

He Laughs!!

While I can only imagine that he’s laughing at me, my sweet perfect little man officially giggles!!!!

I swear, Charlie was way older!

Fact check… I just searched my blog and while I couldn’t find the actual date of her first laugh, I know at 15 weeks, she still wasn’t laughing (although she was getting close). 

Side note: she was sleeping through the night. Totally not a competition… But really… Hint, hint, Henry.

Anyway, my little giggler is adorable! He’s been the smileiest guy around and I had a feeling a laugh was just around the corner (and before 13 weeks)! 

So excited to have captured the milestone 💙