Bruised Shins

At nearly 14 months, Miss Char Char seems to be boycotting walking… or maybe it’s less of a boycott and more of a favoring towards the knee walking. It’s the goofiest thing, but this little chiquita literally clomps around everywhere on her knees and shins. And let me tell you, her knees and shins are paying the price. The poor girl is constantly bruised up… not that it stops her or even seems to bother her. But still… it bothers us!

Here’s a video of the famous knee walk…

I will give her a little credit… on Wednesday of last week, Charlotte finally took those first steps we’ve been waiting to see! She can do about 3-5 steps max without holding onto things. BUT, she just genuinely prefers her knee walking. At least for now.

Her first mini steps:

Today at lunch, Mark attempted to practice walking with her. Notice that we literally have to bribe her steps. This girl refuses to stand unless she wants to and hold your hand and walk? You’ve gotta be kidding! She’ll glue herself to the floor before she’d do such a thing.

I’m sure you can hear the slight level of frustration I’m fighting off in my tone. It’s the most annoying feeling. I feel like because it was my expectation that she’d be walking by 12 months, I feel frustrated or maybe anxious about her not walking. I know it’s a stupid thought and I’ve read in a million places (and heard from our doctor) that it’s not an issue until 15-18 months, but still.

Maybe this is some form of Mom Guilt. Really, I know she will walk when she’s ready and I don’t worry at all about her development… but there is this part of me that just wants her to be walking already.

Sorry, bunny. I hope you don’t feel any sort of pressure… I’m sure once you’re walking, I’m going to wish you were back to crawling.

2 thoughts on “Bruised Shins

  1. Her knee walk is pretty adorable- I feel like it took Elliot a while to really start walking- soooo many weeks of “little” steps…in my mind they took their first steps and started running (like EVERYONE makes you believe!)

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