Sweet 16

The tiny princess is 16 weeks today. What an old lady! This past week has been a big one. Charlotte had her first airplane rides, which honestly went SO well. She was perfection. During the entire 48-hour travel extravaganza, she barely cried at all. Once on the plane for 25 seconds as a desperate plea for some milk and once in the hotel… She didn’t exactly love their poor excuse for a pack n play mattress. We literally couldn’t have asked for better behavior.




She also attended her first funeral. I know I mentioned this twice already, but she brought such joy to such a sad time. She wore this silly and adorable fedora that you couldn’t help but smile at. Such a sweetie pie.

Ohhhh! And, big news, Charlotte rolled from back to tummy for the first time. What a little buttercup! Now all of a sudden she constantly feels the need to be rolling around.

Charlotte also went to her first art auction. She was a total lady.

Ahh and one more first, her first birthday party! Sunday was her cousin Gabby’s 3rd birthday party. She played pin the tummy on the care bear…



Other than that, Miss C has spent a whole lot of time chitter chattering up a storm lately. I hope to post some videos soon. It’s seriously hilarious. She’s such a goofball.

Oh and these past few days, she has been the anti-napper. It is not amazing. Fingers crossed that tomorrow is better.

And now, Charlie’s 16 week pictures…












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