Rolling Over

Little Henry has been working SO hard to roll over lately, but that 95th percentile body has just been too heavy to get a full roll out of… until last night!

And of course, in full “second child” form, he did it when my back was turned. I only knew he did it because I turned back to find him 3 body widths from where I left him. Way to go, Henry!

Time to baby proof! Somehow I’m going to guess that baby proofing will be much more challenging with Henry than it was with Henry. Damn all those Charlie toys with all the mini pieces!

​​Meanwhile, if Henry asks, the reason I was so distracted and missed your first roll is simple… we had just given Charlie her final Chanukah gift: a dollhouse! And not just any dollhouse, but a $50-bought-used, lights that work, accessories galore dollhouse. 
Sorry, Henry Love, you know how I love tiny things.

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