Back to Work

Today was my first day back to work. Yup, maternity leave is officially over. No offense to work and all, but I was totally stressing about today.

As some of you know, I work for my parents’ company and will be bringing Charlotte (and Toby the wonderpup) to work with me every day. Of course, this is SUCH an amazing thing. I cannot imagine having to leave my sweet baby girl each day and we can’t afford for me to keep hanging out in my pjs.

So, obviously, my transition back to work is MUCH easier than many. But, I have had so much anxiety about how it was going to work brining Charlie to work. Would she still nap? Will I be able to get things done? Will I be able to provide her with enough entertainment and stimulation without taking away from my job? Will I be able to get to work on time? Etc, etc.

Well, finally the day was here and I have to say, our morning sucked. Haha okay, in hind sight, it wasn’t that bad, but when Mark asked me how the day was going this morning at 11, my response was “terrible.”

Why? Well, I forgot Charlotte’s swaddle at home, which made napping a major struggle. Then, once I finally got her to sleep (about an hour past when she should have been sleeping), the cheap ass audio baby monitor my husband insisted we go with started screaming with feedback. Good morning, charlotte! Hope you enjoyed your 5 minute nap.

So, in total spaz mode, I left C with my mom and ran to target for a swaddle and a higher quality baby monitor. We went with the vtech and so far, it’s amazing. The sound quality is perfection.

Anyway, once my purchases were made, the day went very smoothly and I got a lot done. I could even go as far as to say I enjoyed my day back at work. It felt good to use that part of my brain again and to be productive outside of the house.

I think I’ll go back tomorrow.

It should also be mentioned that randomly the little one decided she likes pacifiers. What the heck? If you’ve ever seen her with a paci, you know that it’s the quickest way to make her gag and literally never the answer… Until today. She can’t get enough of it and takes it instantly. It’s probably because we’ve been giving her a bottle regularly.

Here’s the paci face in her work uniform (hooded sweatshirt and logo’d tee)… It’s only funny if you know my parents. This is what they wear… All the time! 🙂



5 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. Awww, I’m SO glad that you survived your first day and that it really wasn’t too bad… in hindsight. 🙂 I have a fortunate situation as well in that I teach piano part-time from home. But I can’t watch my baby and teach at the same time, so my mom is going to help babysit two days a week. So really, I can’t complain because it’s just two days… and my mom will be the babysitter. Still, I’m sure it will be a bit of an adjustment for me, and I’m sure that I’ll feel as though the day is going “Terrible” on my first day too. Ha, ha.
    Glad the new baby monitor is working well for you!!!!!

    • Aww thank you! I think unless you’re staying home, it’s an adjustment. Three months is a long time. You develop a routine. Hopefully today goes well 🙂 I’m sure I haven’t ironed through every kink just yet!

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