Happy 3 Month Birthday… For Real This Time!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was a little confused about how to calculate Charlotte’s age in months. Without much thought, I assumed it worked like pregnancy. 4 Weeks = 1 Month. Not the case. SO, seeing as how Charlotte was born on July 16th, today she is officially 3 months old!

With that said, happy 3 month (or 13 week) birthday, sweet princess!

The past three months have literally been so incredibly full of love, I can’t begin to explain it. I absolutely love watching this little person grow and change and laugh and love. She’s the sweetest little nugget ever.

Over the past week, she’s again making big changes. She officially LOVES the paci. This might not seem like a big deal, but it’s crazy to me. We have tried to get her to even like the paci just a little and it always ends with gagging, so to see her instantly accept and love on the paci is a miracle.

Wubanub PACI!!!

Wubanub PACI!!!

She’s still waking up 2 or 3 times per night to eat, which hubs and I switch off taking care of. He feeds her pumped milk from a bottle and I breastfeed her. She is warming up to the bottle, but still does not get as relaxed as she is on the breast.

I have been testing out “airplane” with her for the past week or two (aka I lift her in the air so she’s flying) and this week she is just starting to show signs of enjoying it. The day where she loves it is coming.

Other than that, she’s still loving her toys and getting so good at grabbing them. In fact, today she grabbed her wubanub (paci with a stuffed animal on it) and got it in her mouth twice! She was so proud. Unfortunately, with her pride came an excited swinging of her arms, which pulled the paci right out of her mouth.

Oh! And how can I forget… she LOVES shoving her fingers/hands in her mouth. She’s quite talented, no??

IMG_8964 IMG_8966 IMG_8974 IMG_8977

Mmmm... fingers!

Mmmm… fingers!

And now her 13 week pictures (from yesterday)…

Taking pictures is so booooring...

Taking pictures is so booooring…

Wait! HOW OLD AM I??

Wait! HOW OLD AM I??

That's crazy! I'm such a big girl!

That’s crazy! I’m such a big girl!

And cute as pie!

And cute as pie!

3 thoughts on “Happy 3 Month Birthday… For Real This Time!

  1. She’s so totally yummy!! Pretty and happy… Reminds me of Jillie when she was a baby… I’m betting she’ll be way taller than her mama one day! Delicious girl – they grow soooooo fast -enjoy every precious moment with your living doll!

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