Daddy Day 1

Mark and the kids had a great day at Walmart while we worked the trade show. The pictures are hilarious…


On the Boardwalk

One of my favorite memories of Disney from when I was a kid was hanging out with my family on the Boardwalk. There’s food and street performers and it’s just really cool looking. 

Last night, we decided to wrangle the kids and take them there for dinner. Unfortunately, due to our late afternoon at Downtown Disney, I had to wake C from her nap (at 6pm) to leave (never an easy transition).

Right when we arrived, a performer was about to start. He juggled and had a whole schtick. He was actually quite funny. There were only two people in the whole area who were pretty straight-faced. Who? My children.

There were a couple times when they had half smiles…

Once C had a juice box (I showed her that I had bought her one and she didn’t know what it was… special treat for the lady!), she was refueled and ready to go.

We had dinner, watched the sunset, ate a funnel cake, watched another performer and played a bit more!

First Flight with 2 Kiddos

My eye has been twitching for two weeks and I’m going to guess that it 100% correlates to yesterday’s 2.5 hour flight to Orlando. Who would have thought that flying with a 10 month old who never falls asleep in public settings would cause stress…

The day before my flight, I really honed my inner cheerleader. You can do this! 2.5 uninterrupted hours with yours kids and hubs (and parents – we’re in FL for a trade show)… you love those people. Etc, etc.

I was in a good mindset, but unfortunately, running on 4 hours of sleep, which was a bit rough. But, honestly, everyone did really well. 

Of course, there was no sleeping and NO WIFI… wtf, southwest!? I was counting on Fwozen for a certain toddler… but other than that, all was great.

And, of course, with all the random toys I brought, which was the best? POST-IT NOTES!! 

We kept sticking them to the back of the seat and henry would rip them off and throw them on the ground. 

The kid loves to destroy…

Some other pics…

By the time we finished the flight, got our million bags, and arrived at the rental car counter, the general mood was:

Tiny Hemy was zonked…

Charlotte’s First Introduction to Disney

Now, before you start judging us for bringing a 7 month old to Disney, let me clarify… Charlotte joined us for a trip to DOWNTOWN Disney. For those who aren’t familiar, this is a “free” Disney tourist trap designed to get you to buy tons of souveniers and random crap. But, it gives you a tiny smidge of the Disney vibe and for a baby who was napping or in need of a nap pretty much the whole day, that’s all she needed.

What I will say is that they must sprinkle those souvenier character stuffed animals with breast milk or fairy dust or something because MAN did that Minnie doll make her squirm. Through the severe exhaustion, her tiny mouth opened wide, her arms stretched out and her feet wiggled as she giggled away. Being that there were grandparents within a 5 mile radius of this adorable and joyful display, Charlotte was given her first Minnie doll.

Unfortunately, I was most excited to get little Charlie Minnie Mouse ears (with her name embroidered on it), only to find out that they don’t come in baby sizes. BOO, Disney… BOO.

Regardless, we had a nice little trip!

IMG_3064 IMG_3066 IMG_3072 IMG_3076 IMG_3083 IMG_3092 IMG_3096

These last few pictures were right before she conked out for a little afternoon napski. Can you tell??

Also… THOSE CHEEKS!! I just love how they hang off her face. I am REALLY going to miss those delicious little cheekies.