First Day in Florida

Charlie woke up singing about the beach where the sharks live from her pink bunk bed (I need to remember to take a picture). She’s already loving her “Florida home,” as she calls it.

This am, Mark & C played while henry napped and Dad and I went to the convention center to set up our trade show booth. 

We finished around 1130, scooped up everyone at the house and headed to downtown Disney.  C was pumped to see Mick-Mouse, but unfortunately, Downtown Disney is more of an outdoor mall than anything else. 


First stop: Irish pub for lunch

After lunch, we explored, saw kids singing, Went on C’s first ride (train fun), and more! Good stuff ❤

And how could I forget, we went to a CUPCAKE store for “puck cakes wif frinkles!”


Charlotte’s First Introduction to Disney

Now, before you start judging us for bringing a 7 month old to Disney, let me clarify… Charlotte joined us for a trip to DOWNTOWN Disney. For those who aren’t familiar, this is a “free” Disney tourist trap designed to get you to buy tons of souveniers and random crap. But, it gives you a tiny smidge of the Disney vibe and for a baby who was napping or in need of a nap pretty much the whole day, that’s all she needed.

What I will say is that they must sprinkle those souvenier character stuffed animals with breast milk or fairy dust or something because MAN did that Minnie doll make her squirm. Through the severe exhaustion, her tiny mouth opened wide, her arms stretched out and her feet wiggled as she giggled away. Being that there were grandparents within a 5 mile radius of this adorable and joyful display, Charlotte was given her first Minnie doll.

Unfortunately, I was most excited to get little Charlie Minnie Mouse ears (with her name embroidered on it), only to find out that they don’t come in baby sizes. BOO, Disney… BOO.

Regardless, we had a nice little trip!

IMG_3064 IMG_3066 IMG_3072 IMG_3076 IMG_3083 IMG_3092 IMG_3096

These last few pictures were right before she conked out for a little afternoon napski. Can you tell??

Also… THOSE CHEEKS!! I just love how they hang off her face. I am REALLY going to miss those delicious little cheekies.