Halfway Through the Challenge

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this at all on here, but three weeks ago, I started a bootcamp challenge. The challenge includes (3) one-hour crossfit classes per week and a paleo diet (no dairy, soy, wheat, sugar… Aka none of the good stuff). 

I was really dreading the workouts because a) duh. B) I’m not the cross fit / weight lifting type (I have never lifted weights prior to my class) and C) it felt like a huge time commitment.

Well, let me say that I’ve been absolutely loving it. I’m signed up with my neighbor and it’s just become a fun little escape (during the peak of nighttime craziness) that feels great!

The diet… It’s fine. I can’t eat dairy or soy anyway because of Henry, so it’s not a huge change. I’ve cheated maybe 3 very small times (small bowl of cereal in almond milk, a bite of bread). However, I didn’t give up coffee or wine. That’s just nonsense. 

All in all, I’ve dropped 7 lbs and am way more muscular than when I started. Still a ways to go, but I’m feeling good! Most importantly, it’s a little less frustrating getting dressed every day. 

Holy Cow (Milk)

Warning: this post contains a photo of green, slimy baby poop. (Stef, that was for you…)

This morning, Charlie’s poop had blood in it. For months now, her poops have been varying shades of green. Based on my doc and my other doc (Dr. Google), it seemed to be an oversupply issue. However, today’s diaper was a game changer.

The poor little princess had green, mucousy, bloody poop today.


Nasty, right?

Well, as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to call the doc. I spoke to her nurse and waited for a call back… Which took about 2+ hours. In the meantime, I managed to uncover what sounded like a dairy intolerance.

After checking out the little one later that afternoon and seeing the poop pic, the doc confirmed my guess. This is most likely a dairy intolerance.

So, what does that mean? Well, it means that I can literally eat nothing with milk protein. That includes the obvious cheese/milk, but also a lot of breads and packaged foods. To add to it, I can’t eat anything with soy.

Because of the strictness of the dairy/soy ban, Hubs and I figure this might be a good time to try the paleo diet… For the next 8 months.


I already miss cheese. Yummy, Melty cheese.

But I’m going to stay positive.

Wish me luck!!

Here’s the extensive list of dairy no-no’s…



But here’s what makes it totally worth it…