Charlotte’s 3 Month Pictures

Turns out calculating a baby’s age is not the same as calculating pregnancy. I’ve been doing 4 weeks = 1 month; however, it has come to my attention that such math would make Charlotte 13 months on her first birthday. Urgh!

Unfortunately, this was brought to my attention (thanks, Kate!!) after Charlotte’s three month pics. Whatever! Only a week early…

Anyway, back to the fun stuff. Our photographer was soo patient with us in scheduling our photo session. As I’ve mentioned, the little one’s been napping like crazy and super inconsistently, so scheduling was a bit of a mess. We ended up doing a handful of pics with the whole fam this weekend and then some additional pics of the little one only and cutie pie and momma yesterday.

Guess how many times she smiled for the camera! That’s right, zero!!! She was the stingiest little smiler ever. But of course, as soon as the camera was put away, she was giving them away for free. What a stinker!

Here are some pictures from our wardrobe selection, a couple quick snaps I took yesterday and a sneak peek from our family pics. Thanks to Pics by Nic for a great session! Can’t wait to see the photos!











A Visit From Cali

This past weekend, my favorite Californians came to stay with us to meet our sweet Charlotte, visit with the grandparents and enjoy the beautiful Wisconsin weather. As always, it was soooo wonderful to see them. My aunt and uncle are just fun. They’re the kind of people that you just want to spend time with… no faking necessary, it’s just a relaxed and silly good time.

Every time they come to visit, my aunt bakes an absurd amount of the best damn chocolate chip cookies ever and either her almond poppyseed cake or her coffee cake. Both are pretty much the best thing you’ve ever had. And the thoughtfulness of these people is crazy. This visit they brought sweet Charlotte the most precious music jewelry box I have ever seen with this gorgeous locket for Charlotte (with a “C” and her birthday engraved on it). I mean… come on. Most perfect give ever, right? Both are in C’s room right now and she’s sleeping, but here’s a picture of the jewelry box from the internet…



It’s funny, they always thank us left and right for letting them stay with us, and honestly, I absolutely love having them. There’s no pressure and it’s just fun. I love being able to catch up with them and just getting some low key hang time. Anyway, they’re just wonderful… I’m definitely lucky to have them.

Not to make this a total blubber fest about my aunt and uncle, but they brought these indoor snowballs for my niece and nephew and oh my goodness. The whole fam was running around our house having a full on snowball fight… minus the freezing cold / runny nose / numb fingers thing. It was amazing.

Winding up!

Winding up!

The cutie petutie J.

The cutie petutie J.

The battlefield.

The battlefield.



Action shot!

Action shot!

Did I mention they also brought glow necklaces?

Did I mention they also brought glow necklaces?


And then there is my cousin. She is this adorable little LA love with a hilarious sense of humor and this roughness about her that’s just about my favorite thing on this earth. Spending time with her and chatting with her is probably one of my top 5 activities. A glimpse of her humor via some onesies she made for Charlotte…



And every baby needs a designer denim diaper cover and tee… duh!


There’s also this adorable designer denim dress, but that’s in Charlotte’s room, too.

Here are some more pictures from our very quick and amazing visit. Not pictured: the mancala / battleship faceoff between my cousin and I. Please come back for a rematch soon.

Mom, Stef & Mark cooking.

Mom, Stef & Mark cooking.

Charlotte checking out her naughty socks... another gift from my silly cousin.

Charlotte checking out her naughty socks… another gift from my silly cousin.

Baby C

Baby C

Bro, Cousin & I with Gramps

Bro, Cousin & I with Gramps

Tiny cousins!

Tiny cousins!



My fam :)

My fam 🙂

The moral of the story? Come back and visit soon!! xo


Three Months… How could it be??

It seems so unbelievable that it’s already been three months since the first time I kissed my precious little girl. So much has changed since then.

Unfortunately one of those things is not her sleeping habits. While she is great at napping (kind of), she is still waking up twice a night. Last night she was up for 2 hours and ended up milk barfing all over me and the upholstered chair at 4 something in the morning. Thanks, Charlotte! Nothing beats cleaning up milky barf.

This week Charlotte has really discovered her toys. She loves them… And loved shoving them in her mouth (see photos)…





She is also one of the biggest fake criers I know… Take that with a grain of salt. I don’t really know any fake criers.

We’ve also been noticing that she’s not the biggest fan of strangers. She tends to cry when handed off… But usually will eventually settle.

Oh! She is also loving sitting up. She holds onto my thumbs and pulls herself up (with my help of course). It’s so cute!




Did I mention that she’s somehow become even cuter? I love this little monkey… Milk barfs, fake cries and all!

















ELEVEN Weeks Old! Holy Cow!

This little munchkin of ours is getting so big so fast. (She’s already in 3-6 months now… as of this week… although everything is a bit big on her.) It blows my mind. The lovely lady is still not sleeping through the night anymore, but is doing really well with her napping. At night, she’s up about twice a night… 11ish and 3 or 4ish. Not horrible. She is still boycotting a bottle, which is a pain in the butt… especially because this past weekend, I came home from the gym to find Mark trying to give her a bottle. He had been trying for 20ish minutes. I decided to try and give it a shot and sure enough, she took the bottle from me. Think she’s trying to tell us something?

Baby Boo has also been pretty weird with her evening nap. She’s usually due for a nap between 4 and 5, but has been refusing it… so I end up either trying to put her down for hours or, I get her to sleep and she thinks she’s down for the night. Ugh. Last night I decided to keep her up, so instead of 1.5-2 hours of wakefulness, she had 2.5. It went really well.

Besides sleeping, this child has been also getting quite the little personality. She absolutely loves to smile and seriously, melts my heart with every grin. I can honestly say that I love her exponentially more every day. She’s so delicious.

IMG_8255 IMG_8256 IMG_8257 IMG_8265 IMG_8275 IMG_8284 IMG_8286 IMG_8297

Charlotte’s Newborn Pictures

I realized today that I never actually shared Charlotte’s newborn photos (or my baby shower pictures – those will come another day). SO, with our 3-month pictures coming up this weekend, it seems appropriate to share some of our favorites. All photos taken by the wonderful Nicole of Pics by Nic and many of the cute headbands and the two hats were made by the fabulous Lisa of Kiki & Bee.


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