Charlotte’s 3 Month Pictures

Turns out calculating a baby’s age is not the same as calculating pregnancy. I’ve been doing 4 weeks = 1 month; however, it has come to my attention that such math would make Charlotte 13 months on her first birthday. Urgh!

Unfortunately, this was brought to my attention (thanks, Kate!!) after Charlotte’s three month pics. Whatever! Only a week early…

Anyway, back to the fun stuff. Our photographer was soo patient with us in scheduling our photo session. As I’ve mentioned, the little one’s been napping like crazy and super inconsistently, so scheduling was a bit of a mess. We ended up doing a handful of pics with the whole fam this weekend and then some additional pics of the little one only and cutie pie and momma yesterday.

Guess how many times she smiled for the camera! That’s right, zero!!! She was the stingiest little smiler ever. But of course, as soon as the camera was put away, she was giving them away for free. What a stinker!

Here are some pictures from our wardrobe selection, a couple quick snaps I took yesterday and a sneak peek from our family pics. Thanks to Pics by Nic for a great session! Can’t wait to see the photos!











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