All My Self…

Miss Independent

The key phrase in our home these days is, “I do it all my self” or “NO! I wanna do it all my self.” The toddler has independence oozing our her eyeballs and this morning was no exception.

On Tuesdays, I typically go to work early (before the kids wake up) and I leave work early to pick C up at 3. Unfortunately, this morning, I was running a bit behind because our power KEPT. GOING. OFF. (And is still off!)

I was in the kitchen finishing up when Mark came out of the bedroom and said that both kids were awake. He went into Henry’s room first, as Henry was crying. Jacket on, I was about to head out the door when I heard Charlotte’s bedroom door open and the pitter patter of excited mini feet. “Mommy! I wake up all my self!!” she says from the hallway.


Me: I see that, love. In the future, please make sure to wait until Mommy or Daddy comes to get you.

C: Okayyyy.

Me: <fingers and toes crossed>

I can handle her needing to squeeze the toothpaste and turn on the lights and open/close the doors, and pour the cereal, and serve herself dinner, and cut her own food, and put on her clothing, and take off her clothing, and wipe herself, and climb into her car seat, and climb out of her car seat, and, and, and… BUT, I cannot handle her getting out of bed on her own. Not yet, tiny gf.

Big Girl Room Sneak Peek!

We made SUCH great progress on C’s big girl room this weekend! The closet was a bit of a hiccup, as it ended up requiring some patching and painting, but nothing that could slow us  the hubby down!

Freshly painted pink closet with grey and gold triangle wall decals! I had purchased them thinking I’d put them on a wall in the main room and then changed my mind. Figured I might as well get some use out of them in the closet. PLEASE also note that the damn growth chart ruler FINALLY made it up on a wall… 2 years later. Next step, marking her height!


We worked extra late last night so that we could have the room in a functioning state to show Charlie this morning! (As we’ve been working on the room, we’ve kept the little one out so that we could do more of a grand reveal.)


Well, this morning was that big reveal. We’re not quite done, but we’re close enough that this week we will begin doing nighttime routine in her new room (reading books, drinking milk) and have opened the room up for playing and loving. The hope is then to make the big crib-to-bed transition beginning as early as this weekend!

Anyway, since Charlie got to see it, I figured I’d share a few little sneak peek pictures on here. Once everything is complete, I’ll do a full post on all of the little things in the room, but for now, here are a few pics…



Loving her toddler mirror! She kept saying, “Hiiii! Hii! Hi!”



Loving her new bed. Should I be scared that within minutes of entering the room, she had already climbed in and out of her bed multiple times? I forsee a few nights of Charlie falling asleep on the floor after she decides she does not want to stay in her bed.



Dress up clothes box!



Story time with Nana ❤


We were only able to spend a few minutes in the room with her, but from what we could tell, she LOVED it!

Still on the agenda:

  • Paint closet doors and bedroom door white (we are waiting until spring so we can spray paint outside)
  • Doll up C’s tiny person art table, make cushions for the chairs and hang her art display rack and art suppplies rack
  • Remove baby boy items from C’s closet, transfer all of her clothes to the room.
  • Put light plate on new dimmer switch
  • Install some sort or blackout roman or cellular blinds
  • Get a furry bean bag chair for C’s reading corner
  • Install legs on C’s chair (World Market has had some issues getting us the appropriate hardware)


Poor Workhorse

The hubs has been working hard these past few weeks (and a few weeks before that) on Charlotte’s new big girl room.  

 This weekend, we were finally on the last step: install the closet system.

Unfortunately, more work has arisen. 

We took down the existing shelving/pole thing in the closet and decided we also had to pull off the wood rail things that were holding up the shelves above the pole.  

 Well, if you give a mouse a cookie…

Once we removed the wood rails, the walls looked like crap. So we decided we should paint…

But before we paint, all of the holes need to be filled in with spackle. And did I mention that we accidentally busted a little hole in the wall? 

  Anyway, what was going to be a tedious installation of a closet system is now a wall repair and paint project followed by the installation of a tedious closet system.

Nonetheless, hubby has been perfect and just keeps chugging away. He even took C AND Toby with him to the store to pick up spackle so I could cook dinner in peace. 

I’m a lucky gal. There is no question about that…