Poor Workhorse

The hubs has been working hard these past few weeks (and a few weeks before that) on Charlotte’s new big girl room.  

 This weekend, we were finally on the last step: install the closet system.

Unfortunately, more work has arisen. 

We took down the existing shelving/pole thing in the closet and decided we also had to pull off the wood rail things that were holding up the shelves above the pole.  

 Well, if you give a mouse a cookie…

Once we removed the wood rails, the walls looked like crap. So we decided we should paint…

But before we paint, all of the holes need to be filled in with spackle. And did I mention that we accidentally busted a little hole in the wall? 

  Anyway, what was going to be a tedious installation of a closet system is now a wall repair and paint project followed by the installation of a tedious closet system.

Nonetheless, hubby has been perfect and just keeps chugging away. He even took C AND Toby with him to the store to pick up spackle so I could cook dinner in peace. 

I’m a lucky gal. There is no question about that…

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