All My Self…

Miss Independent

The key phrase in our home these days is, “I do it all my self” or “NO! I wanna do it all my self.” The toddler has independence oozing our her eyeballs and this morning was no exception.

On Tuesdays, I typically go to work early (before the kids wake up) and I leave work early to pick C up at 3. Unfortunately, this morning, I was running a bit behind because our power KEPT. GOING. OFF. (And is still off!)

I was in the kitchen finishing up when Mark came out of the bedroom and said that both kids were awake. He went into Henry’s room first, as Henry was crying. Jacket on, I was about to head out the door when I heard Charlotte’s bedroom door open and the pitter patter of excited mini feet. “Mommy! I wake up all my self!!” she says from the hallway.


Me: I see that, love. In the future, please make sure to wait until Mommy or Daddy comes to get you.

C: Okayyyy.

Me: <fingers and toes crossed>

I can handle her needing to squeeze the toothpaste and turn on the lights and open/close the doors, and pour the cereal, and serve herself dinner, and cut her own food, and put on her clothing, and take off her clothing, and wipe herself, and climb into her car seat, and climb out of her car seat, and, and, and… BUT, I cannot handle her getting out of bed on her own. Not yet, tiny gf.


I was about the put C down for her nap when she looked at me and while signing “eat,” said “orange”… Which actually sounds like “ornjshhh” or something like that. 

I was so excited, I jumped up and took her to the kitchen – mid naptime routine – and showed her an orange. I said, “is this what you want?” And with an excited smile, she said “yes.”

How cool is that? She can say some words, but that feels like the first time that she used a word to tell me that she wanted something that wasn’t in front of her.

And being that the poor little buns woke up with a fever that hasn’t ceased and thus has barely eaten today, I was happy to oblige.