I’ve been so terrible at posting lately ( groundbreaking news: parenting two tiny people and working full time is time consuming).

The babes are great and just so sweet with one another. They really are such buddies. Here’s a funny video from dinner the other night and a couple cute pictures.

Besties in the Making

It’s starting!! They’re becoming friends and it just makes my heart explode. Tonight when Henry and I came home, Charlotte exploded with pure excitement as she ran over to Henry, threw her arms in the air and lunged toward him to give him the biggest (yet gentle) hug ever.

So. Dang. Cute.

Then, this… This video is everything:

​Then, as Charlie and Mark left for swimming, C gave Henry a big hug and said, “bye Henry! I love you!”


My New Favorite Game

It’s called, “Wait a Minute… I’ve Seen that Photo Before” and I’ve been playing for the past two days. 

Here’s how it works… I take a photo of Henry and as I’m admiring it, I realize… I think I took the same photo with Charlie when she was a babe. So I search and I find said picture and spend the rest of the day marveling at how my children look pretty damn similar to one another.

Here are the photos…

First Family (of 4) Outing 

Today we packed up and made it out of the house for the first time with all four of us (and Milly for added support!!). It was Charlie’s end of the school year picnic.It felt great to get out and enjoy the day and little Henry was perfect (he just slept in the ring sling). 

As a side, It’s lucky that we went, as we were informed that C is now off of school for the next two weeks! Shit… How did I not know this?! 

Here are some other photos from our lovely day together…

Cutie pie eating breakfast…
Charlie trying to give Henry “baby milk”…

Charlie & Henry Playtime 💛

More sibling playtime…