Besties in the Making

It’s starting!! They’re becoming friends and it just makes my heart explode. Tonight when Henry and I came home, Charlotte exploded with pure excitement as she ran over to Henry, threw her arms in the air and lunged toward him to give him the biggest (yet gentle) hug ever.

So. Dang. Cute.

Then, this… This video is everything:

​Then, as Charlie and Mark left for swimming, C gave Henry a big hug and said, “bye Henry! I love you!”


Baby Giggles

I know, I know… another video from yesterday… BUT, she was just on yesterday. She had her cuteness in full effect and was melting my heart left and right.

This last video is from the half hour or so before our nighttime routine. We had just finished dinner and were playing in her room. She was being such a goof… dragging her little head on the ground, laughing at everything… pretty much just being adorable.

My mom would refer to her mood as being “punchy,” which pretty much equates to goofball.