First Day Back to School


  Today was Charlotte’s first day back at school post-Winter Break. Her school was closed for two full weeks.

I was a little nervous about her going back… not that she wouldn’t love it once she was there, but that she would cry when I dropped her off, etc.

Well, our little love proved me wrong.

She was SO excited to go back this morning. During the break, we had been reading the book her teachers made for her that has a picture of each student on a page with a little comment, ie: “Charlotte loves playing…” 

When we got into her classroom this morning, I put Charlotte down and her teacher said, “Let’s go check out the activity table!” (Each morning they have a different activity set up for the kids… painting, a game, etc.). Charlotte literally just turned to the table and started walking towards it. I had to say, “Excuse me little Miss… what about a kiss for momma?”

She turned back, gave me my smooch and walked away.

Well then! haha But really, it makes me so happy! How special for her to have so many loving people and places in her life…

She has mommy and daddy, she has Nana who watches her 2 mornings and one full day a week, she has Grandma & Grandpa who she saw daily for the first 13+ months of her life and now sees in the afternoons, she has Grampie & Grammy Amy who she plays with weekly and now, she has school with friends and teachers who absolultely adore her and teach her such wonderful things.

She’s a very lucky little munchie.

Here’s an adorable card they made for C’s school bestie (aka Cujo – Mark’s nickname for her, as she’s bitten Charlotte twice), Chloe, who has been out sick this week.

Chloe Card 1

2015 Chanukah MJP Party

Can you see little Charlie hugging her bestie, Chloe?

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