Already healing

Charlotte’s battle wound is making huge improvements. It’s unfortunate for Chloe that she picked such a fair-skinned victim. Yesterday was looking pretty brutal, but today, she’s looking much better.

And better yet, through it all, she hasn’t seemed to be in pain at all. I literally haven’t seen her touch her face or wince once.

I forgot to mention, we also got a text from C’s teacher checking in on her today (Saturday). After a little discussion, she sent this text: 

Oh I’m so glad she’s a bit better today. She IS tough but I still plan to protect that little girl like she was my own. Tell her I’m thinking of her! 

Just a few scratches (and crumbs) left on the chin and then some decent bruising across the cheek and chin.

And to show C’s mega healing capabilities, the initial photos (taken apx 1-2 hours after the incident) and the second pics (taken 4ish hours after the incident).





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