Happy Holidays! 

I’m so behind on my posts, so I figured I’d just share some photos from our holiday break…

Chanukah Pajamukuh – Party at Gabby’s School


The cudliest little love muffin ever. WAY past his bedtime, but no worries. As long as he could cuddle, he was happy.




Charlie Comes to Work with Mommy & Dinner with the Fam







The Eve Before the Eve Party & Brunch on Xmas Eve with My Highschool GF









The First Night of Chanukah with Grampie & Grandma Mimi




Second Day/Night of Chanukah with Milly



SO cute!

Cookie decorating! 4 decorated, only 3 made it… “I wanna try!?”

The best gift ever. She’s blended SO MANY SHAKES.



Charlie & Daddy Date at Discovery World


Tiny GF Gets her Cast Off!!! 



She’s just the cutest.


Random Week/Weekend Snapshots


Admiring Momma’s craft project (that fell the next day… damnit!)

Charlie gets a boom box!

Each night we lit the candles, sang a Chanukah song and sang “Happy Birthday” to Chanukah. It’s her favorite song and what else does one sing when candles are lit?

50% gift for Charlie, 50% gift for mommy.

Hours and hours of fun… for mommy


Our New Years Eve Dinner Date

Winter Break 2015/16

For the first time in… I don’t know, ever, I had a REAL Winter Break this year. Even in college, I always worked over breaks. Hell, in high school I worked over breaks.

This year, I took off from Thursday, December 24th (I only worked a half day on the 23rd) through the new year… meaning today is my first day back.

Ahhhhhhhh… SO NICE!

To make it even better, the hubs was off, too!

We spent the first half of our trip really relaxing. I’m talking daily naps, afternoon movies, day dates, etc. Unfortunately, Charlotte got sick on the 24th and was sick with pink eye… then a few days later got sick with a fever, which she had for three + days.

The goofy munchie enjoying some milk.


That face…


Sweet Charlie and Daddy at a friend’s family Eve Before the Eve Christmas Party!


Can you tell which eye C had pink eye?? We were at the doc the next morning!


Christmas Carols! Guess which mini person loved all the singing?


Joining in the Christmas cheer.


Cozying with friends!


Girlies at the party.


More of the gals.


Can you believe she’s like 36 or 37 weeks pregnant? Looking good!


Hello, telephone!


Big chats.


Downward facing baby.


I swear we don’t just leave pill bottles lying around. This is the empty container for her eye drops.


Christmas Day with my Bestie, Kate!


Top: Christmas 2014, Bottom: Christmas 2015 – Look how much she’s changed!!  

Charlotte was being a sass in front of her future hubby during our playdate. In her defense, the fever started that night.  

Playing with daddy.


More daddy snuggles.


Mommy & Charlie looking through her “Vacation Memory Book” from school (the cutest little book that has a picture of everyone in her class.


Mommy & Charlie practicing yoga.


Drum time.


Poor cookie still not feeling well.


Helping Daddy pick out new glasses.


Smooshy face.


Our little workerbee.




New Years Eve 2015/16: Bowling Party


Bowling with a toddler was hilarious!



Happy NYE face.


 The second half of our vacation was spent painting Charlotte’s new big girl room! I’ll do an entire post dedicated to the new room and painting process, but the gist is that we’re going to leave the nursery as-is (ish) – only changing decor, but leaving all major furniture/paint – and move Charlotte to the other bedroom.


So, to begin the room makeover, we painted. Trim and all!

We picked Sherwin Williams Intimate White, which is pretty dang pink/coral. BUT, I really love how it turned out and think it’s all going to come together quite nicely.

BEFORE (with a splash of our tester color)


We moved the furniture into the hallway!

AFTER: Sneak peek with just a few items in the room!


Mark & Kitty admiring their hard work

HAPPY New Year!!

Had a great night with my family! We let Charlie have her first 3 minutes of actual screen time tonight with this little New Year’s Eve countdown for kids that Netflix had. Yes, she’s seen the TV during football games, but we always try to block or distract her.

Not gonna lie… She loved it. Sorry, Charlie! That’s all till next New Year’s Eve!


After the weird little cartoon creature counted down, we gave Charlie her new year’s smooches (at 630pm) and it was time for bed!


Happy new year from our little Fam to yours!


I Think My Nipples Might Be Bleeding…

Okay, so at this point, I don’t actually think they are bleeding, but that’s more than I can say for yesterday. As I’ve mentioned, I live in Wisconsin. One of the lovely little benefits of this state is the opportunity to truly test your breaking… or freezing… point. Yesterday was another blustery, single-digit temperatured day, which led me to my most recent discovery. Freezing temperatures + Sensitive pregnancy boobs =What I can only imagine it feels like to sport nipple clamps.

This might sound like an exaggeration, but I’m not going to lie, as I was driving in my freezing cold car yesterday, I literally peeked inside my bra because I was sure my nipples were bleeding. The pain was throbbing and constant until finally, after 10 minutes, my car (and body) heated up. It was crazy. Now, I’m sure you can only guess how excited I am for our upcoming forecast…

That's a lot of negatives for one week... my nipples hurt already.

That’s a lot of negative for one week… my nipples hurt already.

I wonder if nipple pain is “sick day” worthy…

Anyway, enough bitching… HAPPY NEW YEAR! I have full intentions of blogging about new years resolutions, but I have to finish my list… maybe tomorrow. Until then, here are some pictures from our new years celebration! Nice and relaxed… and the best part, we were home by 1 am!

The hubs & I enjoying a little jazz.

The hubs & I enjoying a little jazz.


Our sweet friends, Kate and Alan, getting a dance in before midnight.

Our sweet friends, Kate and Alan, getting a dance in before midnight.


We're serious celebrators.

We’re serious celebrators.





Cheers to 2014! A year filled with new adventure and tiny little things. Mmmm water!

Cheers to 2014! A year filled with new adventure and tiny little things. Mmmm water!


Did I mention that on top of the cold, it won’t stop snowing??

We get it... let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... but Christmas is over...

We get it… let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… but Christmas is over…



There is nothing too new to report. I’m still having the numbness, which has inspired me to add a bit more yoga into my weeks. I found a quick video online of a nighttime yoga routine that I’d like to try and I’ve been trying to make it as often as I can to the studio. As of a few weeks ago, I hadn’t practiced since I found out I was pregnant, and didn’t realize how much I missed it. I’m thinking that yoga will help to keep my blood flowing, etc.

Other than that, I’ve been trying to focus on my diet and making healthy choices. In the past, I’ve been pretty successful in tracking my food using an app called MyFitnessPal. I’ve started using the app again, which really helps me keep things in check. Being that I’m a small person (short and petite), I have set my caloric intake at 1,700 calories per day. Prior to my pregnancy, I was at 1,200 a day, so I feel like 1,700 is legit. I know you technically only have to add 300, but I added the extra 200 because 1,200 was set to lose slightly.

Other than that, I’m still sleeping like shit. Yesterday I slept with my giant Euro pillow under my legs and my head and neck slightly propped. That seemed to help with the numbness, but was still pretty uncomfortable. Lots of tossing and turning. My goal for this next week is to buy a pregnancy pillow.

I also must mention that I think my baby bump officially came out this past week. Pretty much all of my pre-pregnancy pants now need a button extender and my tummy pouch is definitely more pronounced. Pretty crazy!