Happy Holidays! 

I’m so behind on my posts, so I figured I’d just share some photos from our holiday break…

Chanukah Pajamukuh – Party at Gabby’s School


The cudliest little love muffin ever. WAY past his bedtime, but no worries. As long as he could cuddle, he was happy.




Charlie Comes to Work with Mommy & Dinner with the Fam







The Eve Before the Eve Party & Brunch on Xmas Eve with My Highschool GF









The First Night of Chanukah with Grampie & Grandma Mimi




Second Day/Night of Chanukah with Milly



SO cute!

Cookie decorating! 4 decorated, only 3 made it… “I wanna try!?”

The best gift ever. She’s blended SO MANY SHAKES.



Charlie & Daddy Date at Discovery World


Tiny GF Gets her Cast Off!!! 



She’s just the cutest.


Random Week/Weekend Snapshots


Admiring Momma’s craft project (that fell the next day… damnit!)

Charlie gets a boom box!

Each night we lit the candles, sang a Chanukah song and sang “Happy Birthday” to Chanukah. It’s her favorite song and what else does one sing when candles are lit?

50% gift for Charlie, 50% gift for mommy.

Hours and hours of fun… for mommy


Our New Years Eve Dinner Date

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