Winter Break 2015/16

For the first time in… I don’t know, ever, I had a REAL Winter Break this year. Even in college, I always worked over breaks. Hell, in high school I worked over breaks.

This year, I took off from Thursday, December 24th (I only worked a half day on the 23rd) through the new year… meaning today is my first day back.

Ahhhhhhhh… SO NICE!

To make it even better, the hubs was off, too!

We spent the first half of our trip really relaxing. I’m talking daily naps, afternoon movies, day dates, etc. Unfortunately, Charlotte got sick on the 24th and was sick with pink eye… then a few days later got sick with a fever, which she had for three + days.

The goofy munchie enjoying some milk.


That face…


Sweet Charlie and Daddy at a friend’s family Eve Before the Eve Christmas Party!


Can you tell which eye C had pink eye?? We were at the doc the next morning!


Christmas Carols! Guess which mini person loved all the singing?


Joining in the Christmas cheer.


Cozying with friends!


Girlies at the party.


More of the gals.


Can you believe she’s like 36 or 37 weeks pregnant? Looking good!


Hello, telephone!


Big chats.


Downward facing baby.


I swear we don’t just leave pill bottles lying around. This is the empty container for her eye drops.


Christmas Day with my Bestie, Kate!


Top: Christmas 2014, Bottom: Christmas 2015 – Look how much she’s changed!!  

Charlotte was being a sass in front of her future hubby during our playdate. In her defense, the fever started that night.  

Playing with daddy.


More daddy snuggles.


Mommy & Charlie looking through her “Vacation Memory Book” from school (the cutest little book that has a picture of everyone in her class.


Mommy & Charlie practicing yoga.


Drum time.


Poor cookie still not feeling well.


Helping Daddy pick out new glasses.


Smooshy face.


Our little workerbee.




New Years Eve 2015/16: Bowling Party


Bowling with a toddler was hilarious!



Happy NYE face.


 The second half of our vacation was spent painting Charlotte’s new big girl room! I’ll do an entire post dedicated to the new room and painting process, but the gist is that we’re going to leave the nursery as-is (ish) – only changing decor, but leaving all major furniture/paint – and move Charlotte to the other bedroom.


So, to begin the room makeover, we painted. Trim and all!

We picked Sherwin Williams Intimate White, which is pretty dang pink/coral. BUT, I really love how it turned out and think it’s all going to come together quite nicely.

BEFORE (with a splash of our tester color)


We moved the furniture into the hallway!

AFTER: Sneak peek with just a few items in the room!


Mark & Kitty admiring their hard work

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Weekend Recap

It was a great, busy, and productive weekend! Being the holiday season, no weekend is complete without a holiday celebration. This week’s festivity was with my favorite girlies. We all trekked out in the freezing rain (another joy of Wisconsin) for a lovely dinner and secret santa at our friend, Ashley’s. Somehow, I took no photos, but it was great! We had delicious food, wonderful company, and got some pretty great gifts. It’s funny though, I’ve found that when I’m tasked with bringing a dish these days, my contribution is pretty pathetic. I’m usually one who over does it with some awesome recipe I found online… these days, it’s some frozen something or other that I’ve picked up on my way. So pathetic. Hopefully the Martha Stewart in me returns soon.

Anyway, Saturday was a busy day. The day started my favorite way… with a manicure and the company of my mom, sister and niece. I decided to be festive and pick a sparkly, holiday color…

Glitter Sparkle Nails

Glitter Sparkle Nails

Then the day picked up… it was time to make returns. From Chanukah gifts to wedding gifts, we had a bunch of stuff to take care of. Our first stop was Pea in the Pod / Destination Maternity, which I’m not going to lie, I kind of fell in love with. This is a store that trains its employees to put us pregnant mommas up on a pedestal… I loved it. Anyway, from up on my pedestal, it seemed like a great idea to spend a fortune on a pair of maternity jeans. Now, back at ground-level, I’m not sure I regret the purchase… but I will say it might be a little excessive. Either way, I stand by the decision… my tush deserves to look nice… even while pregnant! Right? My husband agreed, so I don’t feel bad.

While trying on clothes, I also had the opportunity to try on a “7-month pregnant belly.” It was… interesting. From this experience, I learned a few things…

  1. I do not know how I will be able to bend over or stand up with this large of a belly.
  2. I think I could handle having this big of a belly as long as the rest of me stays the same size. I may have actually found the bump (or mountain) a little cute.
  3. I might have to stop driving at 7 months, because it is unclear whether or not I will be able to fit behind the wheel.
Me as a 7-Month Pregnant Woman...

Me as a 7-Month Pregnant Woman…

I already look hunched over and standing still, I look like a waddler.

I already look hunched over and standing still, I look like a waddler.


While we were in the car, we also got in a little facetime with Mark’s nieces. The conversation went from this…


Check out my tooth... it's loose!!

Check out my tooth… it’s loose!!


To this…

I want my hair like Matilda's!!!

I want my hair like Matilda’s!!!

From shopping / returning, we met up with my parents to see the new Tom Hanks movie, Saving Mr. Banks. I had been super excited to see it. Honestly, it was a little slow and I may have dozed off for 15 minutes in the beginning, but I did end up enjoying it. It made me want to read the original Mary Poppins.

Then, on Sunday, we got dumped on! 7 inches of snow! It was crazy. So, while I put up our holiday decorations, Mark cleared the driveway and a ridiculous path for our very high maintenance doggy…

Mark clearing an area for King Toby, the Wonderpup!

Mark clearing an area for King Toby, the Wonderpup!


Despite his nicely cleared path, Toby decided to pave his own way.

Despite his nicely cleared path, Toby decided to pave his own way.

It might be cold, but it sure is pretty!

It might be cold, but it sure is pretty!

Toby reveling in his glorious potty / play area.

Toby reveling in his glorious potty / play area.



Yesterday and today have been a little rough. I’ve been really achy… mostly in my lower back. It feels way too early for lower back pain, but it is definitely there. Mostly, it just makes me feel restless and uncomfortable, but it definitely has its plain old painful moments. I’ve also been battling a headache the past few days. I’m thinking I need to catch up on some sleep.. that might help. All I know, is that I woke up this morning feeling like I had a wicked hang over. It was not cool.

Enough whining… Besides all that, I’m feeling pretty good. I feel like my motivation to get things done around the house has improved a bit and despite feeling super tired, I feel a little more motivated. Plus, I’ve been feeling pretty excited! We’re having a baby! And, my husband has been really sweet and lovely and wonderful. I’m a lucky gal.







Playing in a Winter Wonderland

It was a SNOWY, COLD, and BEAUTIFUL Wisconsin weekend. As with most of our weekends lately, we were overbooked and jam packed. Here’s the update…

Friday we had a lovely dinner with some of our favorite new parents and their sweet little baby. It was great! The pup came with and “played” with their GIANT golden doodle. My friend gave me the book, Belly Laughs, by Jenny McCarthy. I’m pretty excited to read it.

On Saturday, I got my nails done with my mom, sister and niece, then got my hair done. It was a nice little morning. Then, it was off to celebrate my friend’s birthday with some cookie making and dinner!

Apparently this is what 29 looks like... one martini and three waters. CHEERS!

Apparently this is what 29 looks like… one martini and three waters. CHEERS!

Little Erica making a wish!

Little Erica making a wish!

The birthday girl.

The birthday girl.


And look at the sweet little onesie my friend, Carrie, got for the babes…

The apple of my eye.

The apple of my eye.


On Sunday, the snow began. While it’s a pain in the butt and obviously very cold, it’s also pretty darn fun! I think Toby is a fan…


Then, we trekked our way out to have a Santa brunch with my parents, grandparents, sister and her fam. It was delicious and a blast. It’s not every day that you get to hang out with Santa AND his reindeer.

Winter Wonderland...

Winter Wonderland…

The Reindeer!

The Reindeer!

Making sure Santa knows exactly what we want this year... one healthy baby, please!

Making sure Santa knows exactly what we want this year… one healthy baby, please!

Of course, I must include photos of my cute little nephew.

Of course, I must include photos of my cute little nephew.

And another...

And another…


Post-brunch, we went back to my parents house to curl up on the couch, watch a little football a shitty movie (word to the wise, skip Girl Most Likely… it was painful!), and relax. We did watch the show Naked and Afraid, which was pretty awesome. Also, my parents – who are crazy Brewers Baseball fans – gave us a cute little presie for the new baby!


First little sports outfit! Can't wait to take the tiny child to a game... and eat so many hot dog nitrates :)

First little sports outfit! Can’t wait to take the tiny child to a game… and eat so many hot dog nitrates 🙂


And now, it’s back to Monday… the work week begins… again. But, on the positive, at least everything is looking beautiful!


Pulling out of our neighborhood. Beautiful snow, beautiful sky.

Pulling out of our neighborhood. Beautiful snow, beautiful sky.



The biggest symptoms lately have been my emotions and my boobs. Holy smokes are they sore. And giant. It makes me quite sad. I’m not a fan of my growing chest and am starting to worry about just how big (and painful) they’re going to get. I’m going to have to get special bras if they keep this growth spurt up. Yikes. And they are definitely very tender and achy. The other prevailing symptom is my roller coaster of emotions. I am a very snappy, tearful, bipolar version of myself, which is REALLY exhausting. One minute I’m ecstatic, one minute I’m crying, and then the next, I’m threatening someone’s life. It’s too much. This week, my goal is balance and mental stability. Think centered thoughts, think centered thoughts.