Summer Lovin’

We have been having the best time this summer. The weather has been hot, sunny and perfect for playing. And, only having an afternoon nap to work around (instead of multiple naps) has made it so easy to fill our days with amazingly fun summer activities.

This week/weekend was no expection! We even got some kidless time with friends, and the kiddos had their forst non-family babysitter!

Js championship baseball game

Impromptu pool day


Dinner picnic & a movie on the deck

Busy Summer

Things have been so busy lately and it’s making me feel pretty darned MIA from here. In my attempt to catch up oh what’s been going on these past few weeks, accept this excessive amount of photos in lieu of my regular rambling blog post…


The bunny sporting my new glasses.


Charlie’s play date with Lyric (a month younger), Phoenix (a few months older) and baby Natalie

All the cuties! Charlotte, Lyric, Natalie & Phoenix


She probably deserved that…


Charlie & Cousin Gabby snuggling with Grandpa at dinner


cousin love

Charlie mowwing on pizza at a friend’s party

C loving Connect Four with Grampie and Grammie

Playing with Dad at the party

Weee! Girlfriend loves the Cozy Coupe.  

Dinner time snugs.

Not totally meshing with Uncle Geoff…

Showing off her cute tush with Auntie Jess.

My sweet little messy face at work.

Giving Mommy so much love.

Checking out the garden with Grammie Amy

Visiting Gramps in the hospital again


Charlie giving Gramps a round of applause after her serenaded her.

Stories with Gramps

We were doing so well with that whole no screen time thing…

Learning to drive.

Decorating treasure chests at Charlie’s friend Ellie’s bday party

Digging for treasure!

Having the best time at Ellie’s party!

Sporting her new eye patch from Ellie’s bday party.

My favorite little girl in this world.

Being goofy… or pooping…

Enjoying her first banana!!! Not that she’s never tried one… but all of a sudden, she’s a fan!

Mmmmmm nanners!


The cutest thing in green and gold!

My favorite little mits.

Garden time with Grammie Amy