Toddler on the Move!!

Guys… FINALLY another walking update! Girlfriend is taking some steps! She’s had up to 6-7 steps in a string! Exciting, right? I was literally starting to think that she was going to crawl at her second birthday. Hope has been restored.

Check out her baby moves…

Ignore her silly outfit. I didn’t have a bib, so I grabbed a spare onesie and threw it on over her cutie pie shirt.


4 thoughts on “Toddler on the Move!!

  1. Yay! My husband was just asking how her walking was coming along (please don’t think I’m weird, as a STAHM my internet friends are basically my only friends so I talk to him about a lot of the updates I read). So excite for her and you! She’ll be running in no time…trust me!

    • I LOVE that! I talk to my husband about my blogging mommies, too. Totally legit. It’s been crazy to see her progress just over the past 3 days. She is literally up all the time. Today she walked all the way across the room! It’s cute… she’ll get super excited and then wobble over. Her shakey balance can’t handle the excitement 🙂

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