Toddler on the Move!!

Guys… FINALLY another walking update! Girlfriend is taking some steps! She’s had up to 6-7 steps in a string! Exciting, right? I was literally starting to think that she was going to crawl at her second birthday. Hope has been restored.

Check out her baby moves…

Ignore her silly outfit. I didn’t have a bib, so I grabbed a spare onesie and threw it on over her cutie pie shirt.


Making Moves

Our little Charlie Girl spent the week mastering the art of standing. Anywhere and everywhere. Stand, stand, stand.

This morning while I watched her play, I noticed her standing up, resting her weight on her plastic lego bin, pushing it around… AKA ASSISTED WALKING! Instantly, I grabbed her little push walker thing.

I pointed to the toy and she quickly grabbed the handle, pulled herself up and started pushing it… assisted pushing. I have to put some weight on the opposite side of the walker, otherwise I think she’d fall flat on the ground like a pancake.

Of course, my wheels started turning… how can I catch this on video? So, I set up my camera, moved her back a bit and let her go!

As a warning… there are whiney tears. I swear these are a result of her being ready for a nap… not of her mother forcing her to walk with the walker toy 🙂