Puppy Love

Charlie and Toby have made strides in their relationship over the past week or so. It used to be that any time Charlotte would “pet” Toby, he’d growl at her, run away or try to bite her. And rightfully so… anytime Charlotte “pet” Toby it would evolve into severe hair/tail pulling or hitting. Lovely, huh?

Well, after MONTHS of stressing the whole “gentle” concept, my gal has got it! She’s been so sweet with Toby, giving him loving pets and kisses. Every so often her pet gets a little aggressive, but nothing too scary.

How cute is this video of Charlotte hanging out under the chair with Tobes as he snacks on his treat:

I must mention that while Charlotte has made significant improvements in her treatment of animals, she’s still a toddler. Yesterday she and Toby took a slight step backwards when she slowly poked his eyeball and then pulled his face hair. Oops.

6 thoughts on “Puppy Love

  1. Too cute! How is Toby doing with his pee pee probs? My hubs and I were ready to find Hot Sauce a new home, but my husband wanted to give doggie diapers a shot- I kid you not. He wears a diaper (which is more like a pregnancy band around his wiener area)- I am not exactly thrilled with this solution, but we’re giving it a shot. Hope Toby is behaving 🙂

    • Omg!! A wiener wrap???? No way! Is it gross to remove? Can you send me the link? We have talked about giving Tobes the boot and actually have someone interested… But I have such a mental struggle with it. He peed the other night. It’s SO dang frustrating. I feel like we’ve had some really great moments, and then we will have an incident (peeing/pooping in the house, being psychotic, growling/nipping at C). I’m in a constant mental struggle. My biggest worry is that as he ages, it’s all going to get way worse and then no one will want him!

      • http://www.baxterboo.com/p.cfm/camouflage-dog-belly-bby-doggie-design?pla=1&gclid=CKz60Y3rtcgCFc2PHwodG9YLuw It’s similar to that. I am not necessarily sold on them- but if we can make it work, I’d be ok with it. I would have rather a disposable- but I am not spending money to throw it away like that either! I will do that for my child- not for a dog. We also had some one who wanted to take him and then couldn’t cause of landlord probs. Both hubs and I would have been happy with the arrangement if it worked.

      • I’m so torn on the whole thing… But anytime I smell pee inside my home, I’m practically shoving him out the door with a “free to whoever wants him” sign on his back…

      • YES!!!! The diapers are actually working out for us, BTW. It’s been almost a week and NO cleaning up pee in the house!! I put a Viva paper towel in there (super absorbent) and so far after doing that I haven’t had to do anything but replace the towel. BUT our new problem is that Hot Sauce keeps getting out of our fenced in yard and has actually gone to our neighbor’s house and nipped (broke skin on his toe)…I just kinda want out of the dog thing. I love him but he’s too much work and worry…my husband is holding out hope for us both. I give anything he wants to try a week and see. Now we’ll try a lead in the yard I guess.

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