A Weekend of Single Momming

This weekend (Friday-Monday morning), Mark was out of town for the unveiling of his grandfather (Pop) who passed away last year. That meant it was a weekend of just the little Miss and I.

Can you see why I was stressing and obsessing over C’s naps last week?

Regardless, we SURVIVED!!

On Friday, we went over to my parents’ house for dinner and the little one’s afternoon nap. We made it home for a 7/730ish bedtime. 


 On both Saturday and Sunday morning, the little one made peeps at around 5/6 am, but then went back to sleep until 8.

Saturday morning, we ate breakfast and then went for a 3.15 mile speedy walk to the park and back. 

 Then, it was time for rest. Charlotte rested like a good little nugget from around 10-11 am. It was cute. She laid in her crib and paged through books, played with toys, etc. At 11, I grabbed the little one, got her fed and then my parents picked us up to go visit Grandpa in the hospital.

 After a nice visit, we headed back home for a late nap. Oops. Didn’t get her in bed until 2:15/2:30ish and of course, she only slept for 1.5 hours. DANG!

Then, we went back to my parents house and met up with my sister and niece for dinner and playtime. Charlie was chasing her cousin Gabby around the house and actually let me hold her hands for some assisted walking! We had a nice time and my parents watched C for a little so I could work on a puzzle with my sis. I can’t even explain how nice that was. 15 minutes of peaceful mindlessness. Then home for bed!

Sunday, we ate breakfast, played, took a bath and it was rest time once again. No sleeping again, but after rest, Charlotte and I went for lunch at Einsteins (I LOVE BAGELS!) and then for a visit with Charlotte’s Grampie (Mark’s dad). We made it home in time for a nice 3 hour nap.


 I’m not going to lie, by the time last night hit, I was a zombie. My body felt flu-like… my hair was tired. I was SO happy when Charlie quielty got in bed because it meant I could do the same.

Needless to say, we were very happy to see Daddy this morning when he stopped by on his way into the office.

I literally do not know how single moms do it. I’m 100% stumpped. I would lose it. Charlotte was a literal angel this weekend. I loved our time together. She was fun and sweet and loving. But I am EXHAUSTED! No breaks is tough. Here’s to all the REAL single mommas out there. I’m in awe.

3 thoughts on “A Weekend of Single Momming

  1. She is so cute and you made a great blog. I came across it as was googling science things on net and thought that was my niece for a second cuz only saw her head and dog lol . You’re a terrific parent and it is so cute you made this blog. What a wonderful family you are. So funny what things she does. The coming to consciousness is amazing to see when you observe in kids and how quickly they learn , it is something still spins me out and makes me aware of me. What a miracle to exist and that little dog is gorgeous too. Awh. All the best to all of you and the great job you are doing.

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