Happy fourth!

i LOVE long weekends. Especially when we don’t have too much planned… Ugh! I literally took at least three hammock naps this weekend and I actually have a little color in my skin. 

We had an absolute blast hanging with family, getting stuff done around the house, relaxing, and enjoying each other. All in all, a great Fourth of July weekend!

Lunch with little miss sunshine and her cute tush…  

Had to sneak in Charlie’s 11 month pics before I totally missed it… Ugh. I really dropped the ball with these pics. Sorry, bunny! I tried… But you’re SUCH a pain during these photo shoots. 

  Fourth of July pool party!  
  Lounging 🙂  
Charlotte crawled over to this random group of girls and ladies for a nice chat! So silly 🙂

  I joined…  
Listening to Grandma, Grandpa and the band sing to little Charlie!


Did I mention I finished the dang growth chart???


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